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What is an SD Card Reader


If you have a memory card & you want to connect it with a computer, you can not connect it directly if your PC has no memory card slot. But you can make use of SD card reader to connect your memory card with your computer.

SD card reader Definition

SD card reader is a small USB plug-and-play device that can be used to read data from portable flash memory cards like MicroSD, Mini SD or SD cards. You can read data from your memory cards, perform copy, paste, more or backup data from it to your computer with the help of SD card readers.

There are various types of Memory card readers available. Some are hybrid memory card readers that support multiple cards in one place while some card reader only able to support a specific type of memory cards. Depending on your usage, you can buy a card reader for your needs.

Functions of a card reader

Having connected to PC, you can move, copy, paste or backup your data from your memory card to your computer. So the main function of a card reader is to help you work with memory card & a computer.

Memory Card Reader

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How to Use SD Card Reader

To use SD card reader, you will need to have a computer & a memory card. As we discussed the function of memory card reader above that it helps you manage your data from a computer with a memory card.

  • To use a memory card reader, insert your memory card into the memory card slot of your card reader
  • Now insert the USB port to your PC’s USB port
  • Open your files from your computer

You will see a new drive on your computer when you open your computer. Now you can create a folder, copy data from it, backup data from it or restore data from your PC to memory card. It will act as a USB pen drive.

Suppose you have captured a good photograph on your SDLR and want to see it on a computer, you will need to connect it with PC using a card reader. Once connected, you will see it as a USB pen drive and manage your photos & videos that you captured on your DSLR from your computer.

Types of Card Reader

There is a various kind of card readers available in the market. Some of the popular brands that make such card readers are Anker, FA-STAR, Transcend, Apple, UGREEN, saicoo, Vanja & many more. You can check out some of the best card readers from here.

Some of them are :

  • USB Card readers
  • SD Card readers
  • Bluetooth Card readers
  • WiFi Card Readers

What to do if a card reader doesn’t work

Well, there might be two possibilities. Either the memory card is not supported/not functioning well or your card reader is having some issue. Try connecting another memory card with your card reader to check if it works perfectly or not. If another card works well, you can consider that the memory card is not working & you should consider replacing your memory card with new.

If another memory card is also not working, you can consider replacing your memory card reader as it might be out of order.

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