Mostly You may have seen when you buy Micro SD cards from the online store; you should be aware of the seller because there are so many sellers who sell fake micro sd cards on eBay like a website. The interesting thing about Fake Micro SD card is that it looks like original one, but when you try to write, copy or modify anything inside the card using a data cable, you fail to do that task. Check out this interesting article about how to verify fake micro Sd card your self.

You should make sure when buying Micro SD cards over 16GB; you should buy from a good retailer like Amazon store or other reputed websites online in your country.Check this question on Yahoo answer; this explains everything about fake micro sd cards.

Excellent solution to identify fake micro sd card is here’s  h2testw tool. This FREE tool allows you to check whether you got fake micro SD card or a genuine one. When you download this FREE tool,  download, open and run in English, let it write to the card, it will fill the card and then verify the size if it fails then you got a fake card. Send it back to where you bought it.

There is also another micro sd card test software such as chk flash and USB Flash Drive Tester that help you on how to spot a fake SanDisk micro sd card or other company’s fake Micro SD cards.

How to Verify SD Card card using Android

Spot Fake Micro SD Card App for Android

This is very good micro sd card test software available on Google Play store for FREE.This Android app will write a test file and read it back testing it’s content to spot fake external memory of your device.

It will test the speed and the storage capacity. Useful to check for a damaged or fake card.Check SD Card Tester Android App from Google Play Store.

SD Insight

SD Insight is another app available on Google play store that allows you to verify fake micro sd cards. It helps you to identify if your microSD card is genuine or not. If you have an Android tablet or smartphone device, you can insert your microSD card in your smartphone. Now download SD Insight app from Google play store.

This free app for Android shows all details about your installed microSD card. Genuine micro SD will show data about them including the manufacturer. If your micro SD is fake, you will not be able to find manufacturer name in this app.

You can alternatively record video using microSD card as your storage location till your card gets full. So you can see if the data you download or put into is accessible or not.

Fake Flash Test

DiskMan Check Micro SD Card

Fake Flash Test is another great tool to identify fake sd cards and flash memory devices.Here we have listed almost all procedure to find and provide information about how to find Fake memory cards from an online retailer.


Another best method to test fake micro sd card is ChipGenius software. What this program do is, write data on your inserted card and read it back to see if it find any corrupted data or bad sector in it or not.


It will read data information stored on your SD card to check what is the actual size of your card. This software might not work for some cards, but it works with a majority of a card.

Download ChipGenius

Where to buy Genuine MicroSD Cards

You should keep in mind that cheap is always expensive. Suppose if you buy micro sd card worth 99 USD at just 40 USD, you would be happy inside, but when you found that micro SD card is fake, you should be feeling cheated.

There is an online store, called Amazon store that always provides interested and genuine micro sd cards online. I am also considering this online retailer whenever I want to buy something online.

Buy Micro SD Cards from Amazon