A micro SD card is a tiny fashion of memory card. As per we know, a memory card is device which is very helpful to expand the built in or internal memory storage to available devices. Mostly people are used memory card as a memory expand device for own cell phones, smart phones, cameras or tablet devices. If you want to transfer the data or files from the micro SD card to your desktop device and controversy, then you can do it this process with the help of a MicroSD Card Reader.

For that process, some of the computers are come with an internal micro SD card reader. While some computers has requirement of external card reader. You can use the external SD card reader via a USB cable. Use of both the kind of card reader are safe.

Here, we would like to suggests some steps or instructions for easy and convenient use of SD card reader in desktop device. Here, we would suggests step for both MicroSD Memory Card reader, Internal SD Card Reader or external card reader. We will hope that, with the help of instructions about how to use micro SD card reader in PC, you can easily use this device in desktop.

How to Connect Micro SD Card with Computer

For Built-in micro SD Card Readers :

  • First of all plugs a micro SD car reader at the front side of your desktop device.
  • Then insert the micro SD card in the card reader.
  • After ensure that the card reader is connected with the right direction or not. Because, the card reader will fitted with only one way.
  • Click the ‘Start’ menu for open it.
  • In ‘Start’ menu, choose “Computer” option.
  • Then click there, where the option of “Devices with removable storage” is come.
  • Now choose and open the files or data, that you want to transfer to your computer.
  • When you have finished your work, then remove the micro SD card reader from PC.


Micro SD Card Reader

Now, we would suggest instructions or easy steps about how to use external micro SD Card reader with an adapter.

Steps for micro SD Card Adapter :

  • First of all connect the MicroSD Card reader in the USB port of your PC device. Use the port which is located at the back side of your device, if you don’t have port at the front side.
  • Then insert the micro SD card into the card reader.
  • Open the files of card with the click of “Start” menu of device.
  • Then choose “Devices and Printers” option and list of devices for access there.
  • Now, you will able to transfer the files or data to your desktop device.
  • If you have finished your work, then select the option of ‘Safely Remove Hardware.
  • Then choose ‘Eject’ and once ejected by you then you can remove the card safely.

But, many times the SD card reader comes with two piece or one piece device. In this situations of card reader device, if the card reader is a two piece device, the card reader must be attached with USB wire. Hope you found this steps useful for all Micro SD Readers.