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Sony 16GB SDHC Memory Card

Memory card is an external part of the device, by which we can expand the built-in or internal memory storage of smartphone devices as well as tablets. So here, we would like to suggest a memory card with a medium range of memory storage

Sony Media Solutions 128 GB SDXC Card – Sony SDXC Memory Card

As we know that, for a memory cards, there are son many criteria are considered while choosing best memory cards for smartphones or tablets. Some criteria like data storage capacity, read speed and write speed, data transfer speed rate, warranty of card, speed of

Sony 32 GB micro SDHC card with Class 10

Sony micro SDHC card comes with 32 GB of memory storage capacity. The Sony 32 GB micro SDHC card is rated with speed of Class 10 along with ultra high speed bus 1 (UHS-1). Memory card’s speed of class 10 is allows you to capture

Sony 64GB SD Card Class 10 – Sony UHS-1 Memory Card

Recently we have discussed about Sandisk 64GB Micro SD Card and also 64GB Samsung Micro SD Card. In this article,we are going to disscuss about Sony Micro SDXC 64GB memory card that is having 40MB/s transfer speed and class 10 with ultra faster performance.