Looking for buying new Micro SD Cards for Galaxy S5? But don’t know which card is supported for your device? Do check out this article on best and recommended Micro SD Cards for Galaxy S5.

We all know Galaxy S5 smartphones can expand its storage using MicroSD storage. Depending on the size you select, you can expand your storage of S5 device up to 200 GB and add additional files, videos, movies and much more on your device.

Best MicroSD Card for Galaxy S5

If you want to expand the storage capacity of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you will need to buy one. Our recommendation is to have SanDisk cards because they are affordable too as well as reliable. Check out below few recommended deals on best micro sd card for each size.

CompanyStorage CapacityTransfer SpeedStore
Sandisk200 GB90MB/sGo to Store
Editor's Choice
Sandisk128 GB80MB/sGo to Store
Samsung128 GB48MB/sGo to Store
Samsung64 GB90 MB/sGo to Store
Sandisk32 GB80 MB/sGo to Store
Sandisk64 GB80MB/sGo to Store

In a mobile world, Samsung has a popular name among people. Samsung is one of the best international company in mobile. Nowadays there were many of the company like Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, Any other favorite brand available. But Samsung gets one of the three best company in one among the mobile industry. Samsung provides many electronics item as well as Television, LCD, LED, Computer, Desktop, Laptop also mobile. Right now in the mobile industry, Samsung has a very popular name.

Already Samsung phone with the keypad as well as touch phones provided. Galaxy, Core and any other brand of Samsung available. With features and specification Samsung provides good services as well as warranty and guarantee on every phone.Micro SD Cards for Galaxy S5

Best Micro SD Card for Samsung Galaxy S4 are

Samsung mobile capture all the moment of a lifetime with a Rich tone as HDR Like Vivid and brighter capture. Curing capturing auto focus on at that time no one can miss any action and very fast. Also, Selective Focus allows you to focus on what’s important by blurring the background and accentuating the main subject in defined detail means treasure moment in detailed discussion.

It Enhances the power for important situations because if any critical situation occurred at that time also need the battery. Never happen that kind of dangerous situation means not need to worry about a battery. Because of ultra powering saving mode.

Advance feature

It protects freedom from dust and water.It resists the dust and water make the phone much stronger and stable to live a long life.Galaxy S5 is the first smart phone which has built-in Heart Rate Sensor which enables you to measure your heart rate directly to your phone with also check the personal fitness.The enhanced S Health leads you through your fitness routines daily and consistently.

It Provides a most accelerated experienced network for the user.The Download Booster technology what they use Wi-Fi which provides you with an unrivaled network experience When you need to download files in a hurry, turn on Wi-Fi together and experience approximately 80~90% of the added network and check the speed of Wi-Fi.

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One of the best features that maintains the Samsung demand in the market is Memory card means micro card it seems to look a like too small but it installed too much item or data into it. Before some time there were also some limit for store the data but now Samsung provides up to 32 GB and more than 32 GB storage capacity in the small micro card.It called micro because in size manner it is too small. Samsung memory card you can trust. Samsung memory card into class-4  speed in data transfer.

Best Micro SD Cards for Galaxy S5

Samsung Micro SD Card is Fastest Compatible Cards. Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro SD cards we are going to review has 2.5GHz Quad core application processor, and  The 16 megapixel camera is a big time upgrade over the previous Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. The available 16GB or 32GB internal or external memory is also provided for data transfer as well as data storage.Means provide too much lot of storage capacity.

Not only powerful and a fine camera to boot but also you will want not only maximum storage via compatible SD Card for Samsung Galaxy S5, but it also provides maximum read and write speed. Provide 90MB per second read speed rate and up to 50MB per second write speed rate.

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Expand Storage of Samsung Galaxy S5 with micro SD card

One feature of this mobile is that it support for Micro SD storage and when new smart phone released by released a convenience that is, unfortunately, becoming more and more rare.Depending on the SD card you choose, you can add up to 128GB of additional storage to your phone and easily use the removable media to transfer files like music, video, and photos and any other data very easily.

How can we install a Micro SD card in the Galaxy S5?

  1. First of all, remove  the backdate to access the battery compartment,
  2. Then insert the Micro SD card into the MicroSD card slot on your smart phone.
  3. And last, replace the battery cover.

There are some useful tips that how to utilize MicroSD card and functionality of built-in phone.Like How to move apps to the Galaxy S5’s MicroSD card , How to move files to the Samsung SD Card and Set that SD card as the Galaxy S5’s default storage.

The Best Micro SD Card for the Galaxy S5

According to the brand, type, and class, it will be useful for Samsung galaxy s5. For example that the 64GB SanDisk Ultra brand, type, and class, it will be useful for Samsung galaxy s5. For example that the 64GB SanDisk Ultra micro SDHC UHS-1 chip is good but doesn’t have the full 70mbps reading speed and 20mbps writing speed support on a galaxy s4. It would really help me decide if you suggest what kind of sd card will be fit for the GS5.

You will find few of the best supported Samsung Galaxy S5 Memory Card that you can use for your Samsung S5 smartphones.

Samsung 128GB Micro SDXC Card

Micro SD Cards for Galaxy S5

First thing is speed and speed depend on the micro SD Card. This card provides Up to 48MB/s transfer speed for transfer data to mobile to PC or PC to mobile and any other external device.This card is great for Great for Cell phones, Smartphones, Android Tablets, Tablet PCs as well as desktop.

It has great speed and performance for full HD video recording, high-resolution pictures, mobile gaming, music and more.Advantages like it are Waterproof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray proof as well as Magnetic-proof. Easily comfortable and Compatible with devices with micro SDxC slots. It’s perfect memory card for galaxy s5 if you are planning to expand its storage to 128 GB.

Product Specification

It is in size 5.4 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches.In box contain with Samsung EVO 128 GB microSD Card and SD adapter.It can  Capture shots two times faster than conventional microSD cards.Design wise it is a perfect match with the Latest Smartphones and Tablets. it has Huge Storage Capacity for Thousands of Photos and MP3s. It can Shoot Seamless Full HD Video.

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Samsung 64GB Class 10 Micro SDXC Card

Samsung Micro SD Cards for S5

It provides Up to 90MB/s read speed and 50MB/s write speed.One more additional advantages that it is Ultra-fast in speed: It can Capture Video and Photos 4x Faster than Typical Memory Cards, and Transfer up to 660 Photos/Minute.

It can Maximize the Storage Capacity of your Advanced Devices or other external devices and Store Everything from Photos & Songs to HD Video. One more important thing is that it is Waterproof, Temperature Proof, X-ray Proof, and Magnetic Proof.

Your Photos, Videos & More Stay Safe and Protected.For safety and protection, it is too much good compared to other.It’s best sd cards galaxy s5 device because this card is also manufactured by Samsung.

Technical description

It is Designed for the Latest Smartphones and Tablets.Samsung card Shoot Seamless Full HD or 3D Video.It has Ultra-Fast Read and Writes Speeds for Better Performance.large storage capacity near Huge Storage Capacity for Thousands of Photos and MP3s.It is Built to Withstand Extreme Conditions.Here some Includes SD Adapter for Use with PCs and Digital Cameras. In the box, it is Samsung PRO 64 GB microSD Card and SD adapter.

The most out of your smart phone or tablet with Samsung’s PRO 64 GB microSD Memory Card. This high-performance memory card features extremely fast read speeds of up to 90 MB/s for quick transfer of music, apps, photos, and videos and is UHS-1 enabled for Full HD and 3D video recording.

Waterproof, temperature proof, magnet proof, and X-ray proof, this reliable memory card ensures your files remain safe during life’s little mishaps. An included SD adapter lets you use the card with your digital camera, laptop, or desktop computer.

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SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB Micro SDXC Card

Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro SD Card

It Delivers 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video recording and playback with Meets the new UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) specification.Provide Up to 80MB/s read speed and up to 50MB/s write speed with Built for extreme conditions.It is temperature proof, water proof, shock proof as well as x-ray proof.


According to technically more suitable example for every one active life style. SanDisk Extreme micro SDHC UHS-I card, the perfect companion for your newest Smartphone or Tablet. The only difference between micro SDXC and SDHC is in their storage. Check more details about SDHC vs SDXC from here.

Near Get the performance that keeps up with your active lifestyle. Transfer data very speedy and easily we can take better pictures and video with we can get more room to capture and share your passion. If you are looking for expanding the storage of your Galaxy device, this one is recommended Samsung s5 memory cards.

The storage capacity of this micro SD card around 16 GB to 64 GB you’ll have room for apps, music, files, and sharing all the action without worrying about running out of storage space. With both UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) and Class 10 video recording ratings, you’ll be ready to enjoy the highest quality Full HD video (1080p), which requires more performance than ordinary memory cards can handle. With SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I card, you will be ready.It is also recommended a Memory card for Samsung Tab 4 device.

Additional functionality

We can recover file easily with RescuePRO Software.It is Built for and Tested in Harsh Conditions.It has Includes SD Adapter as well as 4K Ultra HD Ready.It will Shoot Top Quality at Top Speed.Check more Sandisk Memory Cards.

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It is Compatible device required with 4K Ultra HD  3840×2160 pixel and Full HD 1920×1080 pixel. Support may vary based upon host device, file attributes, and other factors. Actual user storage less. Up to 80MB/s read; up to 50MB/s write speed. Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending upon host device, interface, usage conditions and other factors 1MB=1,000,000 bytes.

UHS Speed Class 3 designates a performance option designed to support 4K Ultra HD video recording with UHS-I enabled host devices. Also product packaging and for additional he official website for information and limitations.

Here we have listed few best memory cards for galaxy s5 if you are already using them feel free to share your experience with it. Have any problem with Micro SD Cards for Galaxy S5? Feel free to discuss here in the forum and get answered by experts.

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