In these days, there are many type of memory cards are available in the market with different-different data storage capacity like 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB for smart phone device, tablet device as well as camera. Lots of companies are manufactured the memory card with different size of data capacity. But, here we should discussed about the memory card which is manufactured by well known smartphone maker company Samsung.

Samsung EVO 128 GB UHS-1 Class 10 Micro SD Card

The Samsung EVO micro SD card comes with great 128 GB of data storage capacity. The memory card has great features with low price. This Samsung EVO memory card can transfer the data or files up to the speed of 48 MB/s. It also comes with ultra high speed 1 (UHS 1) and class 10 speed. With its UHS-1 and class 10 rated speed is allows you to capture full high definition (HD) video without any interruption. The memory card is works with great performance. It is the best memory card with high speed and performance for HD video recording, HD images, mobile gaming, music and more.

With the great data storage capacity up to 128 GB, you can storage the count less images, thousands of song and video recordings with full HD resolution up to 1,110 minutes. You can also get the SD adapter with the package of this Samsung 128 GB SD Card device. The SD adapter is specially provided for use your memory card with SD supported devices like Digital cameras, Laptops, Computers and Printers. It allows you to transfer the images, music and video recording from your mobile to computer or other device.

The Samsung Micro SD Card 128GB is specially designed for latest smart phone devices and tablet devices. It is fully convenient with these devices cell phones, android based smartphone and tablet and PC. Write speed of this memory card device is as fast as usual micro SD cards. It is fully compatible with those devices which has micro SDXC slot. It is the Water proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray proof and Magnetic proof micro SD card along with the high reliability. This memory card is the great and excellent product from Samsung company.

Features of Samsung EVO 128 GB UHS-1 Class 10 micro SD card :

  • Read speeds up to 48 MB/s for rapidly file transfer
  • Rated with UHS-1 and class 10 speed for full HD video recording
  • Storage thousands of images, songs and HD recording videos up to 1,110 minutes
  • SD adapter is included for file transfer from phone to other devices
  • Compatible with devices with micro SDXC card slots
  • Waterproof, temperature proof, magnet proof, and X-ray proof memory card
  • High reliability
  • Designed for latest smartphone devices and tablet devices for high performance

The list price of this Samsung EVO 128 GB UHS-1 Class 10 rated micro SD card is around of 109.99 US $. But, due to the discount of 10% worth 10.46 US $, you will get this great 128 GB memory card at affordable price with 99.53 US $. This micro SD card is now in stock at the e-commerce giant site You can easily purchase this MicroSD Memory Card for your devices with just one visit of

Samsung 128GB EVO Micro SDXC
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