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How Many Song Can 16GB Hold ?

If you are the lover of music and want to buy a new memory card to store lots of songs. But if you are still confused about how many songs can store on your 16GB Memory card. Don’t worry about it because, in this

How to Verify Fake Micro SD Card

Mostly You may have seen when you buy Micro SD cards from the online store; you should be aware of the seller because there are so many sellers who sell fake micro sd cards on eBay like a website. The interesting thing about Fake

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SD card

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet device comes with a large 7.0 inch TFT multi-capacitive touch screen display. A display has large screen resolution up to 800 x 1280 pixels. The pixel density of a display is around of 216 pixels per inch (PPI). The tab device

How To Retrieve Deleted Photos – Best File Recovery Software for FREE

Nowadays, the memory cards are mostly used as a expandable memory for smart phone or tablet device. Many of people in the world are using memory card for further memory storage space. Likewise, the professional photographers and videographers are also using memory card to captured high-resolution

How to Recover Corrupted SD Card Files

As we know, memory card is a device, which is used for expand the memory storage of smartphone devices, tablets and digital cameras. These days, mostly people are used the memory card as a memory expand device. Memory card allows you to store thousands of

Guide on Using Micro SD Card Reader

A micro SD card is a tiny fashion of memory card. As per we know, a memory card is device which is very helpful to expand the built in or internal memory storage to available devices. Mostly people are used memory card as a memory