We have already discussed PNY memory cards as well as Sandisk Memory cards. Out of you might have heard about Sandisk a lot but PNY might be a new name for you. Or fewer peoples are knowing about PNY memory card brand is there. Hence we have written a detailed article about pny vs SanDisk memory card comparison in this article.

PNY VS Sandisk Memory Card

Do you think that most of the micro SDHC and SDXC cards claiming reading and writing speed? Are they achieve mentioned data transfer speed they claim? How can you know which memory card is fastest in terms of speed? Here are some surprising details that you should know about.

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SD & microSD Cards: SD vs SDHC vs SDXC

This is the most obvious questions and metrics to consider while comparing any SD cards. Even if they are SDXC cards or SDHC or SD cardsOne of the more obvious metrics to consider when comparing SD cards is whether they are SD, SDHC, or SDXC cards.

pny vs sandisk - SD SDHC SDXC Card Comparision

pny vs SanDisk

Check the above image, a size of those cards seems same. The file format we use for those cards is different & that determine the maximum capacity of your memory card.

Only SD card has a maximum capacity of 2GB, if we compare SD card with SDHC card, it can store 32GB Maximum.While SDXC card can support up to 2TB data inside it. Although we are not there yet. Maximum capacity memory card we have found till date is 512GB. However, those metrics can not affect the speed of memory card at all. We have observed that SDHC and SDXC card speed are almost same. Not too much difference is there in between them.

Here in this article, we are going to compare PNY vs Sandisk microSDXC cards. Check below table for comparison of micro sd cards.

PNY vs SanDisk Memory Card Comparision

BrandSandisk 128 GB Microsdxc cardPNY 128 GB microsdxc card
Check more DetailsGo to StoreGo to Store
Storage Capacity128GB128GB
Read Speed275MB/s90MB/s
Write Speed100MB/s30MB/s
ClassClass 10Class 10
Additional info Great for 4K and full HD video content, HD photography, and more.Best for recording 4K Ultra HD and Full HD Video
Users Review & Rating5 out of 54.8 out of 5

PNY vs Sandisk Memory Cards

We have also found that Sandisk memory card is definitely the best one as compared to PNY. You can say, overall it’s better in terms of capturing photos, speed, and overall performance.

However if you are having a low budget, you still can go for PNY memory card, because there is a lot of difference in price for both the card. For a quality card, you will have to spend around $200 for Sandisk. If you need a low budget memory card, you can go for PNY memory card only under $50 or less than that.

Do share your reviews about Sandisk vs PNY in the comments below. Which one is the best according to you?