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Best Nikon D3200 Memory Cards

Finding the best memory card for your Nikon D3200 depends on many factors. Are you a professional seeking raw power or just using the camera for everyday tasks? Are you looking for the best sd card for DSLR? Luckily, there are cards available for all kinds of customers and important for all kinds of budgets.

From all-round performers to top-tier memory cards with the best specs, our recommendations below can help you find the best SD card for your Nikon D3200.

Nikon D3200 Memory Cards

Still looking for a best memory card for Nikon d3200? Check out the recommended cards below.

Now if your basic need is to record videos on D3200 and looking for the card that can record videos, you should select the card that has maximum read and writes capacity on it.

We prefer Lexar and SanDisk memory cards as they are the safest bet among all of the above.

SanDisk Ultra

The SanDisk Ultra is arguably the ultimate SD card for all-around performance, making it ideal for users who perform general photography and video shooting on their Nikon D3200.

SanDisk is the leading name in the memory card market and helped to invent the SD card 20 years ago. All that experience is evident in the Ultra, which is the company’s entry-level card that performs more like a mid-range model.

SanDisk Ultra

SanDisk offers 80MB/s read speeds on the Ultra, but interestingly our tests show it can actually push higher than this and sometimes achieves 90MB/s.

Write speed is more modest at 40MB/s, but this is a Class 10 card so you will get that minimal 10MB/s at least. For all-round use, the SanDisk Ultra is a stellar SD card. Want to buy this recommended Nikon d3200 sd card? Check out the link below.

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Digi Chip Speed-Pro

Digi Chip is an up and coming name in the SD card market with its Speed-Pro products earning rave reviews on Amazon. The company has increased its reputation by delivering affordable memory cards that provide performance that is not compromised.

Digi Chip ensures its Speed-Pro SD cards can withstand temperatures that are too hot or too cold, are shockproof, and waterproof.

Digi Chip Speed-Pro

With a read speed of 80MB/s, the Speed-Pro allows fast data transfer when moving files from your Nikon D3200 to a PC. Digi Chip has ensured the quality of its memory by building its Speed Pro cards using full capacity Samsung memory cards. If you want to buy this memory card for Nikon d3200, check out the link below.

ProGrade Digital

The ProGrade Digital leverages V60 class technology to ensure you can use your Nikon D3200 in a professional capacity. With an 80MB/s write speeds, this SD card will allow you to perform continuous shutter shooting and not experience drops in performance. Reading is equally impressive with a 200MB/s speed that will allow you to transfer large data quantities in seconds.

ProGrade 128GB SDXC Memory Card

ProGrade says it has built the Digital V60 with professional quality in mind to ensure optimal performance. Available across numerous sizes and with each tier representing value for money compared to similar memory cards in its class.

Kingston CANVAS Go

If you are looking for the best Nikon camera memory cards, you can’t forget Kingston. Kingston memory cards are among the most popular and the CANVAS Go is arguably the best option. It cuts a good line between the entry-level CANVAS Select and the high-end professional-grade CANVA React. It is both affordable and delivers a good standard of performance that will suit most Nikon D3200 users.

Kingston CANVAS Go

Write speed is moderate at 45MB/s, but this Class 10 SD card can deliver consistent speeds that rarely fall too low. Coupled with 90MB/s, data transfer performance is good enough for everyone except professionals or enthusiasts.

Lexar Professional 2000X

Lexar is one of the leading memory card manufacturers and the 2000X Speed is among the best pro-level cards available. Professional photographers can get a consistently elite performance that allows continuous shooting and comfortable 4K video recording. You can say it’s the best sd card for video recording at 4K.

Lexar Professional 2000X

Write speeds are at a blistering 260MB/s, and while they often drop lower than that there is always plenty on tap to ensure the card transitions your data rapidly.

When it comes time to offload your images and videos on a PC, the 300MB/s read speed is best in class, allowing the Lexar card to handle large data sets in seconds. Want to buy this memory cards for Nikon D3200 camera? Check out the link below.

What type of memory card does a Nikon d3200 use?

If you are looking for buying the best memory cards for Nikon d3200 camera, you need to first check it’s compatibility with memory cards. Basically, Nikon D3200 is compatible with 3 types of cards, which are as follows:

SD Cards – Up to 4GB worth of photos & video.
SDHC Cards – Up to 32GB worth of photos & video.
SDXC Cards – Up to 2TB worth of photos & video.

You may also want to know how much data does your selected card can hold. Here is the basic chart of how many pictures or images you can carry with each size of cards to have an idea.

Size Images RAW Images
8GB 509 259
16GB 1018 518
32GB 2036 1036
64GB 4072 2072
128GB 8144 4144

One more thing about recording HD videos on your Nikon D3200 device, your memory card should have at least class 6 or higher, as it has writing capacity of minimum 6MB/s which is optimum for HD video recording. To be on a safer side, you can select class 10 memory cards for your Nikon D3200 camera as you can record and playback HD videos easily with this.


For advanced user

According to us, if you are planning to use video, RAW, burst like features on your Nikon D3200 camera, we advise you to go with Lexar Professional (133x or higher).

For personal use

If you are looking for the memory card just for regular usage, you can go with Kingston Digital Canvas Go!

What do you think of our memory card recommendations for the Nikon D3200?

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