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Micro SD U1 Vs U3

Some people may know if any difference exists between microSD U1 and U3. Mind you both U1 and U3 are under the same UHS-I class of microSD memory cards. The USH-I class 3 microSD comes with a small write speed of thirty megabytes per second.

The U1 will only display a small write speed of ten megabytes per second. If you want to record huge information, there is every possibility to know more about U1 and U3. Is your quest for micro SD U1 Vs U3? If you want to know more about this topic, then ensure to read the complete article.

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History Of U1

In reality, U1 memory cards have the capability to draw half the strength of U3 options. When on a writing operation, U1 cards can at most pull up to ten megabytes of speed per second. The guarantee that these U1 cards may exceed this speed is unpredictable.

For playback and media storage, you can use U1 memory cards. Even for middling bitrates, these cards can do well. U1 and class 10 memory cards are ideal for HD video recording and shooting simple photos. If you will like to boost the compatibility of your future and current device, then use U1 cards.

History Of U3

U3 cards are easy and simple to get these days. These cards can maintain a sequential write speed from seventy to ninety MBps. Even the sequential read speed of these cards can stretch up to ninety MBps. The truth is that only thirty MBps will be accessible when using U3 memory cards.

People looking to engage in media storage projects should consider U3 cards. For most uses, you can consider these cards as overkill. If you will be using your device for 4K videos, then U3 cards can help. The cost of U3 cards is more than their counterpart U1.

Micro SD card u1 vs u3

Gigastone UHS-I U1 With 256GB Memory Card

High speed is one of the main features of this memory card. It is ideal for playback and recording of full high definition 1080p.

Gigastone UHS-I U1 With 256GB Memory Card

It is compatible with many devices such as Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Studies also show that the product can work well for applications.

With apps, the memory card can run faster and better. The five-year warranty that this product is enough to give better results. It also comes with an adapter.


  • Great and excellent storage
  • Works well at a fantastic price
  • Compatible with many electronic devices


  • Develop technical issues

Samsung U3 Evo Select 128 GB Memory Card

The operating temperature of this product is at minus 13 to 185 degrees. It can display both write and read speeds of 90 & 100 MBps each. The product offers high performance for music, mobile games, and recording. Even if you want high-resolution images, it can work well.

Samsung U3 Evo Select 128 GB Memory Card

Another great feature of this Samsung Evo Select U3 product is compatibility. It is compatible with a plethora of products. Apart from a reliable adapter, the card comes with a ten-year guarantee. It can produce greater performance than U1 memory cards.


  • Great capacity and speed features
  • The product lives up to expectation
  • Working performance remains excellent


  • Expensive

Micro SD U1 Vs U3

  1. Compatibility is something both U1 and U3 share. Though, the level of compatibility of U3 is greater and better than U1. Most old devices will not be compatible with these memory cards. It will make the devices slow to operate and deliver poor performance. With the level of compatibility, U3 is better than U1 cards. Before investing in these cards, ensure you check the producer’s specifications
  2. It is no brainer that with poor performance come lower speed. Both cards may not have the same level of performance, speed and quality. The performance of U3 cards is better and acceptable than U1 or class 10 options. When talking about speed, U3 cards also show a high level of supremacy. In fact, most old devices will not functional well with either U3 or U1. Most producers will always describe the specification of their product. Reading through the instructions will help you determine the power of the card
  3. Both brand categories are under the same UHS-I classes. The only thing that differentiates these cards is their class operation. The U3 can be an idea for more strenuous projects than the U1 cards
  4. The speed U1 cards can draw is only half of the U3 options. In fact, U3 cards can move at a speed stretching to 100 MBps. For U1 cards, they cannot exceed ten megabytes per second. The speed of the U3 card supersedes that of the U1 category. If the U1 or class 10 memory cards are compatible with other devices, they work at a slow pace. This can delay your workload and strength. For instance, when transferring content, the low speed of the U1 card may lead to corruption. To a great degree, the U3 cards can still do better with speed than their U1 counterpart
  5. Both cards can be ideal for recording, 4K HD videos and much more. The usage of these products may come under similar spots. Remember that one of the cards is better than the other. Ensure to determine which card serves your interest the most before usage

Check detailed comparison below.


Both U3 and U1 memory cards can be great if you want to handle smaller projects. If you will like to work on bigger projects, then use other powerful microSD cards. Performance, speed, quality and size come into play when considering a quality card.

The type of device you want to use the memory card also matters a lot. Older devices may refuse to be compatible with U3 or U1 cards. To be on the safe side, it is good to check the capacity of the card before investment. Above all, U3 cards still stand well with people than the U1 options.

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