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Best Memory Cards for Nikon D3300

You have just bought yourself a new Nikon D3300, one of the best cameras currently available. Opening the box excited to use it, you realize Nikon does not supply a memory card so you will have to buy one yourself. The problem you have is you are not sure which one to buy.

Usually, photographers and videographers need fast sd cards for photography. Luckily, our recommendations can help you get the most from your Nikon D3300 by adding a quality memory card.  From budget options to SD cards that will allow professional-level performance, we have it all covered below:

Best Nikon D3300 memory cards

Looking for the best memory card for Nikon d3300 camera?

PNY Elite Performance

PNY Elite Performance SD cards are perfect for Nikon D3300 users who are also professional photographers or enthusiasts. That’s because these cards combine huge data performance coupled with a durable build to allow shooting in any situation. Add in some value for money then you have a very good option.

PNY Elite Performance 512GB SDXC Memory Card

Elite Performance cards feature a built-in shock resistance that allows them to be used in most circumstances, ideal for photographers who like to get rugged. 100MB/s read speeds allow PNY’s range to transfer data in seconds, while the card allows for succession burst shooting and video recording in 4K resolution. Want to purchase this memory card for Nikon d3300 camera? Check out the Nikon d3300 amazon link from below.

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Sony Tough High Performance

Looking at what the Sony Tough High Performance does, it could make an argument for being the best SD card money can buy. Its specs are excellent, and it delivers a level of ruggedness never before seen in the memory market.

Sony says the card is made from a first-of-its-kind one-piece plastic mold which makes it more flexible. The company points out the Tough High Performance can withstand bends 18 times greater than normal cards.

Sony Tough High Performance 128GB-SDXC Memory Card

This is professional-grade performance too, thanks to a massive write speed up to 299MB/s and read speed up to 300MB/s. Sony’s Tough High Performance does it all, but the only caveat is this is among the most expensive SD cards you can buy for your Nikon D3300.

SanDisk Extreme Pro

SanDisk’s Extreme Pro may not live with the performance of the Sony Tough, but it can deliver arguably the best all-round SD card experience you can currently get. SanDisk is the leading name in the memory market and its Extreme Pro is an excellent product that blends performance with low cost seamlessly.

SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB Memory Card

Write speeds are an impressive but modest 90MB/s, although SanDisk guarantees a minimum level of performance that means continuous image shooting is not a problem in JPEG or RAW. Fantastic transfer speeds are also available, with reading up to 95MB/s available, allowing the Extreme Pro to pass data to other devices more quickly. Want to buy this Nikon d3300 sd card for your camera? check out the link below.

Lexar Professional Class 10 UHS-II 2000X Speed

Lexar is also one of the leading names in the memory card market and it’s Professional Class 10 2000X speed is one of the best cards you can buy for the Nikon D3300. As the name suggests, this card is aimed at the photographer who shoots hundreds of images in succession or records regularly in higher definitions.

Lexar Professional 64GB SDXC Memory Card

Write speeds are clocked up to 260MB/s, which means the card will process your images and videos more efficiently.

Lexar has delivered best in class read speed of up to 300MB/s, so you can pass huge data sums to a PC in seconds. Press the shutter down and shoot and then pass the files to your computer with minimum fuss. Want to buy this memory card for Nikon D3300 camera? check out the link below.

Amplim SD Card

Amplim is a company that is bringing high-gain performance SD cards to the masses with affordable price tags. The company’s V60 memory card is one of the best value examples of V60 technology and provides stellar performance with enviable build quality.

Amplim has achieved a read speed of 285MB/s, and in testing the card typically maintains a high write speed closer to its top end.

Amplim 128GB SDXC Memory Card

Write speed is lower but still impressive at 90MB/s and again sticks near its top end to ensure premium image quality. Amplim has also added all the standard memory card protections such as temperature-proofing, waterproofing, and shock proofing. Want to buy this Nikon d3300 sd card? check out the link below.


Here in this article, we have suggested your the best sd card for Nikon d3300 camera. We hope it helped you to make the perfect buying decision. As always, we value your opinion and want to know which of these SD cards you think is best. Leave us a comment below with your suggestions.

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