Nowadays, the memory cards are mostly used as a expandable memory for smart phone or tablet device. Many of people in the world are using memory card for further memory storage space. Likewise, the professional photographers and videographers are also using memory card to captured high-resolution video and images and are also using for store that files. But, all the memory card users have one problem hindered. The most hindered problem is, How to Recover data or files, which has been deleted or erased by you by mistake. If you are looking for How To Retrieve Deleted Photos with FREE data recovery software, this tutorial will be helpful for you.

Here, we would also discuss about that how to restore data or files like images, video recordings, movies, audio etc. from your micro SD card or memory card device. There are many Software or app are comes for Data recovery from memory card. But here, we discussed about how to recover the data or files with the help of 7-Data Card Recovery Software. For using this software, first you must download and installed it on your PC. Now, we would like to suggest some easy and clear steps, which shows that how to recover data or files from your memory card or micro SD card.

Before the start of this recovery process, please connect your memory card or micro SD card to the PC on which you installed the 7-Data Card Recovery software. Now, we mention easy steps for data recovery through 7-Data Card Recovery software that can be downloaded for FREE from here.

STEP – 1 :

First of all, select that card or that file in which you want to recover the data. 

FREE Memory Card Recovery

Generally, this Data Recovery software will show only the removable device like your memory card or micro USB drive, which is connected with PC. 

But, if you want to show all the files or drive on your Desktop device, then you can show it with just a click on “Show Local Drives” button.

STEP – 2 : 

After the choosing process of necessary data, now start a Scanning process for that recoverable files which you want.

FREE Memory Card Recovery 1

For that, first of all choose that drive or file, in which the data, you want to recover. Now, click a “Next” for start Scanning for recoverable data. 

If you want to find some other files during the Scanning process, then you can do it by only a click on “Advanced Setting” button.

STEP – 3 :

After the complete Scan of recoverable data, you can Preview recovered files.

FREE Memory Card Recovery 2

After this process, you can browse those files which is listed in the micro SD card or micro USB drive. If you want to view the photo in thumbnail instead of a list, then choose the option of “Thumbnails”, while recovering photos. If you find some specific data, you can easily do it through the option of “Search”.

STEP – 4 :

Now, if you decide that which files or data you want to recover, then choose all the images and click on “Save” button to save all files.

FREE Memory Card Recovery 3

After the process which is mentioned in above step, You can see all the recovered files or data in the destination folder.

After the following of these easy 4 steps for data recovery through 7-Data Card Recovery software, you can easily recover your favorite data or files.

FREE 7 Data Recovery Software Features

  • Recover accidentally deleted files
  • Recover deleted files from internal or external drive quickly
  • Easy to recover data from deleted partition
  • Recover any files like audio, video, images
  • Three quick steps : Install, Scan & Recovery

We hope that, this article will be very helpful for you to Restoring Deleted Photos or files from your memory cards or USB device. If you are facing any difficulties in Free Memory Card File Recovery tutorial, feel free to comment below.