How to Remove Write Protection From CF Card

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CF card which we also call it a compact flash card that is similar to an SD card. You can connect CF cards with your laptop or computer & use it to transfer data between computer to CF card or CF card to computer. Alternatively, you can call it a USB drive similar to Pendrive. But you will need a CF card reader that you can insert the card into it and connect it with your computer to transfer data.

Usually, Compact flashcards come with security so that it can prevent extra files being written on it or overwriting your stored files while moving. When your CF card is protected, you will get write protection error, but you can remove write protection error on your CF card in a few easy steps that we are going to discuss in this article.

Remove Write Protection Error on CF Card

How to Remove Write Protection From CF Card

There are mainly 2 reasons you are getting write protection error on your Compact Flashcards.

  • Most of the flash drive, there is “Lock it” option, which will prevent information not to be written or deleted from. Just make sure that the lock on your CF card is not locked.
  • Another thing is to check your program to see save settings & file properties. When you connect it with your computer, select property from it to see if there is the read-only option selected.

Unchecking Read Only Option:

Removing Write Protection from CF Card

  1. Select the file from your computer > Right-click on it > Go to Properties
  2. If you see Read-only option is selected, just uncheck it.

Now you can easily transfer your files onto the CF card. The write protection error on CF card should have gone.

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