As we know, memory card is a device, which is used for expand the memory storage of smartphone devices, tablets and digital cameras. These days, mostly people are used the memory card as a memory expand device. Memory card allows you to store thousands of files or data simultaneously. Also you can store your important files. But, when the memory card is once corrupted, then problems are create. Because, important files or data are stored in the memory card. After the strained of memory card, if you do not take some immediate steps, then you will loss your important data. Then problem takes place that How to Recover Memory Card ?

So that, here we would like to suggests some methods or process, which can help you to recover the data from corrupted memory card. There are some software can help you to recover the lost data from the memory card which is spoiled

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Card Recovery Software

Card Recovery Software is one of the best photo recovery software for memory card which is completely corrupted and used by digital camera or smart phone devices and more. This data recovery software can easily recover the lost, deleted or erased data like image files, movies, video files, games effectively. It is easily compliant with the Windows 98 OS and later operating system. Typically, it supports all kind of memory card including SD card, micro SD, compact flash (CF) card etc. The software can recover mostly two format image files RAW and JPG.

Card Recovery Software

Recover Memory Card Data

The software supports all of the well known camera and phones brand with including Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Olympus, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Motorola. The Card Recovery software also offers a trial version. With the help of trial version, you can only scan and find the files which has been lost. But, if you want to Recover Corrupted SD Card Files, them you must should have to buy this software full version. The price of this data recovery software is around of $40 USD. However if you are not in budget, you can go for FREE methods to recover files from corrupted files from below options.

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PhotoRec software

PhotoRec is a data recovery software which is fully free. This data recovery software is one of the great free data recovery program. It is easily compatible with all the operating systems. Now, we should suggest some steps for recover the data. With the help of PhotoRec software along with following steps, you can easily Recover Corrupted Files from your card.

PhotoRec software

Corrupted Data Recovery

Steps for Data Recivery with the help of PhotoRec software :

  • First of all, download the correct version of PhotoRec software.
  • Then extract this software.
  • Run this free data recovery software.
  • Select that memory card in which the lost data is stored.
  • Set your options for start data recovery process.
  • Define the type of files which you want.
  • After then choose the system of file looking for recover.
  • Then choose a Whole option from Free and whole options for checking of space.
  • Set the place for recovered data and wait for scan the files.

After the scanning process is completed, the recovered files is stored in that place which has been set by you before the scan stared. With this easy steps, you can recover the data or files from your corrupted memory card. You can check detailed guide at WikiHow on how to use Photorec to Recover Data from SD Card that is corrupted or not working properly.

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Card Recovery Pro

Card recovery software includes three steps, first one is scanning option, second one is performing and third one is preview and recovery files.

Download Card Recovery Pro

Features Professional SD Card Recovery Software:

  • It support recovery of all file formats.
  • Support all type of cards including SD Card(Secure Digital card), MicroSD (TransFlash), SDHC, miniSD card
  • It also supports memory stick, USB device, mobile phone memory card and almost all device.
  • You can recover multiple files with preview in software.
  • Simple and easy to use software interface.
  • You can use it for Digital Camera Photo Recovery, Memory card recovery, digital photo recovery, video and audio files.
  • You can use this software to recover files from iPod, Camera, Memory Card, SD card and many more.

Card Recovery Pro Download

We have provided detailed guide on Corrupted Data Recovery from memory card, hope this help. If you know any Free Photo Recovery Software for SD Card or have Recover Deleted Memory Card Files using any of the method above, feel free to share it in the comment section below.Check More Useful Information Related to memory cards.

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