How Many Photos, Videos or MP3 Can 512GB Hold

The future of storage is limitless and bombastic. These days the majority of higher-end Laptops and other devices use 512GB for faster and better data storage. If you are planning to buy a memory card as huge as 512GB, then you may wonder how enormous 512GB is for your storage needs. Well, this blog straightens it out for you in detail. Read on!

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Our storage requirements usually are for photos, videos, movies, and MP3 files. In this blog, we will discuss each of them individually.

How much data can 512GB hold?

How many photos can 512GB hold?

Images are captured either as RAW files or JPEG format. The most common image format used is JPG or JPEG file. Digital cameras and smartphones capture photos in the same format. Some DSLRs and digital cameras also shoot images as RAW files, which are comparatively bigger in size than JPG or JPEG files.

How Many Photos, Videos or MP3 Can 512GB Hold.

Generally, the size of an image depends upon the device used to capture it. The average size of an image captured using a small digital camera is 3MB whereas an image shot on a smartphone can range between 2 to 3 MB. As already discussed, RAW files can relatively bigger than JPEG files and can go up to 12-15MB in size.

Now the below explanation is just a guesstimate. The actual storage space capacity of a 512GB may vary due to a lot of other factors.

Let’s do some basic math first:

  • Uncomplicating things here by using the KISS principle. Let’s expand 512GB as 512000MB
  • Now if an image of size 2 MB is used then it occupies, 512000MB divided by 2MB= 256,000 photos
  • In your 512GB, the maximum free space you utilize will be around 440GB. The calculations given here are according to the above value:

Now depending upon the camera megapixels, let’s see below the average number of photos of JPEG format that can be saved in 512GB.

Camera MegapixelsFile Size (MB)Number of Photos
4 MP1.2 MB366666
6 MP1.8 MB244444
8 MP2.4 MB183333
12 MP3.6 MB122222
16 MP4.8 MB91666
22 MP6.6 MB66666

Now, this was about JPEG files. Let’s see how many RAW files can 512GB hold?

RAW files retain more data than JPEG files. These files are unprocessed and need to be processed using the camera software. They are usually two to three times larger than the JPEG files. In the cases where your camera captures RAW files, then finding out the space it captures is hugely important. Let’s analyze and find out the estimated number of RAW files, 512 GB can hold.

Camera MegapixelsFile Size (MB)Number of Photos
4 MP12 MB36666
6 MP18 MB24444
8 MP24 MB18333
12 MP36 MB12222
16 MP48 MB9166
22 MP66 MB6666

How many videos or movies can 512GB hold?

Watching videos or movies with the highest resolution possible is the craze of the era. But these large files need to be stored somewhere. With a cloud in the being, we never quite really think about our storage options. But downloading and uploading a large and high-resolution video or movie files can burn up your pocket as well as your data limit.

Now with the huge availability and affordability of memory cards and SD cards, our storage options have found newer and greater limits. If you have a massive collection of movies or videos, then going for 512GB will be a feasible option. And if you want to know the number of movies you can store on 512GB of memory then the below-given guesstimate should help.

Every movie or video has variable sizes. It depends on a lot of factors, one of them being the resolution. SD, 720p, 1080p, DVD Rip (Pirated), Blue Ray Rip 720p (Pirated), and Blue Ray Rip 1080p (Pirated) are the video or movie types we have taken below to understand the storage capacity of 512 GB.

Movie TypeMovie SizeNumber of movies or videos
SD Movie from iTunes1.5 GB341
720p Movie from iTunes4 GB128
1080p Movie from iTunes5 GB102
DVD Rip (Pirated)700 MB713
Blue Ray Rip 720p (Pirated)1 GB512
Blue Ray Rip 1080p (Pirated)3.5 GB146

With this guesstimate, you can see that 512 GB is a significant amount of storage space for movie buffs.

How many MP3s can 512GB hold?

Now that we have covered the queries of photo fanatics and movie buffs, let’s not leave the music lovers behind. Who doesn’t love music? We all have our collection of music that we wish we could carry where we traveled. If you want to roam around with your massive song collection, then a 512 GB of memory will suit you the best. 512 GB is evidently a lot of space, but if you are wondering the number of mp3s or albums it can hold, then we have the answers for you.

Before, we start our guesstimate process, here’s a little math for you.

  • The size of an mp3 depends on the length of the song, how the song was encoded and factors as such.
  • Here, we will consider the average size of the mp3 as 4-5MB
  • Again, uncomplicating things here by using the KISS principle. For easier calculations, let’s expand 512GB as 512000MB.
MP3 SizeNumber of MP3s

How many music albums can 512GB store?

Now, this was all about MP3s. If you are wondering the numbers of albums can 512 GB hold, then its again simple math.

  • On average, a single album contains around 12-15 songs.
  • For instance, we are considering the round of figure here as 14 songs in an album.
  • AS stated above, the size of the MP3 taken here as somewhere around 4-5MB.
MP3 SizeNumber of albums

We hope the figures are clear to you. And again affirming on this point that, the number of photos, movies, videos or MP3 given here is just a ballpark figure. IRL, the figures can go up and below these values. Just a humble disclaimer here, friends.

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