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If you have a Canon Rebel T3i, you have one of the most versatile DSLR cameras available. This camera is perfect for casual users and professionals alike, whether shooting constant burst mode images, 4K video or just taking the occasional snap.

To get the most from your Canon Rebel T3i you will need a fast SD card to manage your image and video writing before transferring files effortlessly. Below are our recommendations for the best memory cards for the Canon Rebel T3i.

Best Memory Cards for Canon Rebel T3i

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SanDisk Extreme

SanDisk is the leading name in the memory card market and helped to invent the SD card way back in 1999. In other words, the company knows a thing or two about making a solid memory solution for your Canon Rebel T3i. The SanDisk Extreme is probably the company’s best choice, a bridge card that provides a combination of performance and affordability.

SanDisk Extreme 32GB

SanDisk Extreme memory cards provide write speeds up to 40MB/s, and thanks to Class 10 support you will have a constant level of minimum write speed. In terms of reading information, the SanDisk Extreme can provide up to 60MB/s, allowing for fast transferring of files to other devices. SanDisk’s card is also bombproof, offering protection against temperatures, shocks, drops, and water.

PNY Elite Performance

PNY is an established name in the memory card market and the company’s Elite Performance range matches the SanDisk Extreme series as potent bridge SD card. For most Canon Rebel T3i users who want solid performance just below professional-grade, the Elite Performance is a fine choice. For shot-to-shot burst photography and 4K shooting, PNY’s card should be sufficient.

PNY Elite Performance 64GB

PNY has put the Elite Performance range through a new generation boost in recent years, so performance and specs are now cutting edge. For example, the card provides a generous 95MB/s write speed for extra shooting performance. That is enough to suit most DSLR users for top-level video and photography needs.

ProGrade Digital V90

The SanDisk Extreme and PNY Elite Performance are excellent all-round memory cards, but sometimes you need professional quality. After-all, the Canon Rebel T3i is suited to pro-level situations of fast action shutter use and recording in high definitions. The ProGrade V90 is a solution for enthusiasts and professionals seeking the best performance.

ProGrade Digital V90 256GB

Make no mistake, this is an expensive card, which is expected because it provides bleeding edge reading and writing performance. For example, the ProGrade V90 delivers a blistering write speed up to 200MB/s. Sure, you’re not going to be getting this kind of performance all the time, but it means minimum levels are also high. Read speed is equally impressive, providing 250MB/s for superfast file transfer.

Transcend High Speed

Transcend is continuing to build its reputation through well-reviewed memory cards on Amazon. The High Speed comes with the company’s normal affordability and throws in some interesting specs at the price point. This SD card provides a modest 60MB/s write speed, but Transcend’s technology means there is a guarantee the performance will never drop below 30MB/s.

Transcend High Speed 64GB

Read speed is higher at 90MB/s, making this memory card a fantastic low-cost alternative to something like the SanDisk Extreme. The card also comes with built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) to protect your data by detecting and correcting transfer errors and possible corruptions.

Lexar Professional 633x

Lexar has replaced its Professional 633x with newer cards, but the older model is still widely available and now more affordable. It also happened to be a classic amongst memory cards. It remains a good performance card that delivers solid all-round performance under trustworthy Lexar branding.

Lexar Professional 633x 64GB

Boasting Class 10 support, the Lexar Professional 633x has read speed up to 95MB/s, making it an ideal choice if you pass lots of files from your Canon Rebel T3i to a PC. Included with the card is Lexar’s Image Rescue software, which provides protection for your files and data. Image Rescue can help you recover and image or video if it is somehow lost.


Our recommendations above are just some of the excellent memory cards available for your Canon Rebel T3i. Leave us a comment below saying which SD card you think is best or which you would like to see included on our list.

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