Canon 60D Memory Cards

Unfortunately, when you buy a new Canon 60D you are only left with an amazing DSLR camera but no memory cards to use within it. That’s because Canon does not supply a memory card with the 60D model, which means you will have to buy one.

We recommend is the Sony SF-G128/T1 128GB (300MB/s), as you will get blazing fast 300MB/s transfer speed which you will never see in any other memory cards. However, if you are in a budget, you can also go for Lexar Professional 633x card.

Best Memory Cards for Canon 60D Camera

There are literally hundreds of SD memory cards option on the market for the Canon 60D. To make your choice easier, we have chosen some of the best memory cards for the Canon 60D.

Last update was on: November 9, 2020 11:02 pm

PNY Elite Performance

PNY sd cards need no introduction as the company is a leader in the memory card market, with its Elite Performance series highly respected amongst consumers. For most Canon 60D users, the Elite Performance will be more than enough in terms of performance. It is placed just below professional-grade, so it offers excellent data transfer speeds.

PNY Elite Performance64GB

Elite Performance memory cards have recently gone through a new generation update, so they now boast the latest memory technology. With a generous 95MB/s write speed, users can expect good capabilities when taking shots in rapid-fire successions. Through testing, we found the Elite Performance provides consistent performance with the write speed averaging around 65MB/s.

SanDisk Extreme

SanDisk always appears on the best-of memory card lists because the company provides good performance with affordability. The Extreme is a prime example, offering near-professional data processing at a competitive price. We expect nothing less from the company that back in 1999 helped to invent the SD card.

SanDisk Extreme 64GB

For your Canon 60d, the SanDisk Extreme checks many boxes you are looking for. It’s fast at reading and writing data is durable and does not break the bank. With write speeds up to 40MB/s, the SanDisk Extreme can handle fast photo sessions. Class 10 support ensures the level of data performance is guaranteed.

ProGrade V90

If you’re looking for high-class professional performance for a relatively good price, the ProGrade V90 is hard to beat. Certainly, for situations where you need quick succession shots, this is a good option. Enthusiasts will get top class data processing, allowing the workflow to be more efficient. The ProGrade V90 is also ideal for recording and streaming video in high resolutions such as 4K.

ProGrade V90 128GB

One downside of the ProGrade V90 is that it is a relatively expensive card. However, it is worth remembering you do get true top-level performance with write speeds up to 200MB/s and read speeds up to 250MB/s. The latter means you can pass your images and videos to a computer at a faster speed. The good thing about this memory card is, it’s compatible with most popular camera brands like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, Samsung and many more.

Lexar Professional 633x

While Lexar has replaced the Professional 633x with newer generation SD cards, the older memory card remains a fantastic choice. Not least because it is now available for bargain prices and still provide consistent performance that is ideal for day-to-day use. Sure, this is not for pro users who need blazing data speeds, but the 633x provides enough for everyone.

Lexar Professional 633x

Much of its potential comes from solid data speeds, including read speeds up to 95MB/s. Thanks to Class 10 support, the Lexar Professional 633x guarantees a minimum level of performance. Lexar also bundles its Image Rescue Software with the 633x, which helps you recover lost data.

Kingston Canvas Go

Like the Lexar 633x, the Kingston Canvas Go is a good choice for people who don’t use their Canon 60D for professional use. If you just need a solid performing data solution, the Canvas Go works because it provides decent performance without you having to spend a lot of money. It is worth noting that Kingston also provides the Canvas React and Canvas Select as higher-level cards.

Kingston Canvas Go

Write speed on the Canvas Go is up to 45MB/s, which is admittedly modest. However, this SD card always provides a consistent speed that does not dip too low. Elsewhere, the Kingston card boasts 90MB/s read speed maximums for good data transfer performance.

Which one will you choose from the below.

Last update was on: November 9, 2020 11:02 pm


As always, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a comment below and tell us which of the cards above you think are the best.

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