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Best XQD Card Readers

Are you looking for the best XQD adapters? Here is an ultimate guide with a list of best XQD card adapters options for you.

We have done extensive research and spent several hours to hunt and come up with the list for best XQD adapters for your device. All the adapters mentioned in the list belongs to reputed brand and good feedbacks to assure you the satisfying performance. Rest assured that you will be buying only the best adapters with

Before we get started with the list, it would be great if you get familiar with the basics of XQD adapters. So, have a look below to know some basics and then choose the one from the list that worth your money and offers the best performance.

What’s An XQD Adapter?

XQD Adapters are nothing, but very similar to card readers that help users in using the SD cards with their computer and other XQD compatible devices. One can transfer the media, files, and data like RAW photos through these adapters to their PC and device at an amazing speed.

These are very helpful adapters to have, especially if you’re a photographer. The most camera supports SD Card to store the captured images. However, in the past few months, new branded cameras have arrived in the market that supports XQD cards as well. So, with these adapters, if you have any modern camera device, you will be able to use your old cards with your new camera using the XQD card adapters.

So, that’s all with the basics. Let’s start exploring the list of top 5 best XQD card readers now.

Best XQD Card Readers

Last update was on: October 29, 2020 1:38 am

Sony XQD Memory Card Adapter

You will find a lot of QXD card adapter options in the market, but Sony XQD memory card adapter tops the list and stand out from others in many aspects.

Sony XQD Card Adapter

This XQD express card adapter quickly transfers high capacity of data or files like RAW images to PC at a satisfying speed. Also, the XQD card gives the transfer speed up to 1GB/s, 125MB/s.

One of the most amazing features of this XQD adapter is that it is designed for professional photographers to enhance the quality of images and HD video applications. You can use it with your computer having the express card 34 card slot.

Key Features:

  • Easily stores large and high data files.
  • Transfer speed up to 1GB/s.
  • Enhance the quality of images and HD video applications.

Sony MRW-E90/BC2 XQD USB 3.0 Reader

Sony XQD card reader with a USB adapter is the best combination among all card readers as it dramatically reduces your data backup time. You can easily backup your 64GB of data in just 2-3 minutes. Yes, this comes up with the blazing-fast data transfer speed.

sony xqd card reader

Furthermore, it can capture every moment in the highest quality, holding up to 200 RAW images. Also, it provides transfer speed up to 440 MB/s, which is fast, and the writing speed up to 400 MB/s. Further, the card reader maximizes the performance of high-end DSLRs and video camcorders.

Key Features:

  • Backup your whole data in just 2-3 minutes.
  • Capture your amazing moments in the highest quality.
  • Maximize the performance of DSLRs.

UGREEN SD Card Reader USB 3.0 Card Hub Adapter

If you’re looking for the best XQD adapter option, then this one is undoubtedly for you. Ugreen SD card reader enables you to connect four cards simultaneously, without any hassle.

UGREEN SD Card Reader - SD to XQD card reader

Moreover, there is no mess of constant unplugging or replugging the cards. Further, it supports super-fast data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps.

What’s more? Thanks to the 3.0 USB interface, you can transfer HD movies in just a few seconds. Moreover, you can easily plug it with your computer and laptop with the help of a standard USB 3.0 port.

Key Features:

  • Universal compatibility.
  • Read and write four cards simultaneously.
  • Superspeed data transfer.

RayCue XQD Card Reader, Type C Card Connector

The type C XQD card reader is mainly designed for photographers. It comes up with a versatile transfer solution between multi-format memory cards and laptop that comes with type C port.

XQD Card Reader

Furthermore, this XQD memory card supports easy downloading of pictures and 4k videos to your laptops via USB C interface. Moreover, the design of the XQD card reader is very slim and is made up of the perfect aluminum alloy material.

Key Features

  • Versatile transfer solution.
  • Slim and sleek design.
  • No driver installation is required.

Rocketek (Upgrade Version) XQD Card Reader

Rocketek upgrade version supports super faster data transfer speed of up to 5Gbps through USB 3.0 interface. Rocketek XQD card reader is specially designed for photographers looking for the high-speed professional-grade card reader.

Rocketek XQD Reader

You can quickly transfer HD movies and high capacity of files in just a few seconds. Further, the maximum transfer speed is up to 500MB/s for the XQD card and 5Gbp/s for the USB flash. The LED light of the XQD card reader shows you the status of data transferring/receiving process at every point of time.

Key features:

  • Super-fast file transfer support.
  • Transfer speed 500MB/s.
  • LED indicators show the status of work.


So, those are the top 5 best XQD adapters we suggest you buy. However, please note that we neither promote nor recommend any of the listed adapters forcefully. Therefore, feel free to go with the one that you think will fit well with your purposes.

So, that’s all for now. Stay tuned with for more such lists and posts about the tech world and devices.

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