There are so many SD Cards are available in a market, it’s confusing. Don’t get caught out from the price difference between major memory card brands, and class difference too. Planning to buy Best SD Card For Gopro? Then you are at right place.

It’s all about the class of memory cards that are regulated and maintained by SD Association. Another important factor to be considered about memory card is its data transfer speed. Higher price cards like Sandisk Ultra always tend to have dust-proof, temperature proof, waterproof and shockproof. Bearing this all things in mind, because going out will expose your camera and card to environmental factors like sand, temperature, etc. If in doubt, you should not render your camera useless with bad sd cards.

How to Put a Micro SD Card into GoPro Hero 3 Camera

If you are new to GoPro and just bought GoPro Hero 3 cameras, please check out below video on how to quickly add micro SD card into your GoPro Hero 3 camera.

Which sd card for GoPro

First of all, you will need to know which class you need for your GoPro. In case, if you don’t want to go into details, and for those peoples who need better understanding, check out few recommendation on a memory card for GoPro.

Best micro sd card for GoPro

Below is few recommendation on best sd card for GoPro that you can use. Mostly you can check that advice from GoPro’s official website help post, where you will find GoPro recommended sd card.

SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB SDXC Card

SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB SDXC Card

sd card for go pro

You can quickly shoot and record full HD or 4K Ultra HD video from your device using this 64 GB card.  Those cards are highly durable under challenging environmental condition. Check more 64GB Cards here.

According to GoPro recommended sd card page, this card is most suitable for HERO4, HERO3+, HERO+ LCD / HERO+ cameras.

It offers fast writing speed so that you can record real-time Video Recording In Uhs-i Enabled Host Devices. This card is ideal for smartphones, tablets and most of the camera devices.

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Lexar 64GB MicroSDXC Card

Lexar 64GB MicroSDXC Card

This Lexar 64GB MicroSDXC Card is most suitable for sports camcorders, smartphones, tablets, and cameras.

You will be able to capture quick action pictures, store, transfer media files from this. You can also record 3D movies, 4K videos as well as 1080p FullHD video on this card.

This card by Lexar is recommended for Hero3 & Hero3+ camera device. This card also includes USB 3.0 reader that will help you to transfer data from computer to this micro SDHC card.

Patriot LX 128GB Micro SDXC CardPatriot LX 128GB Micro SDXC Card

Looking for more storage & full speed data transfer rate? Its data reading speed is up to 70MB/s and 20MB/s writing speed in UHS-I mode.

UHS-I performance allows you to shoot full HD videos, smooth continuous shooting and multiple frames per second video.

You will be able to easily store around 45K photos and 1700+ minutes HD video recording in this 128 GB MicroSDXC card. Check more 128 GB MicrosdXC cards here.

An interesting part is, it’s durable that has a capacity of bearing high temperature and wet environment. Since it’s heat and waterproof memory card. Besides theses, it also has the characteristic of shockproof and magnet proof.

Best SD Card For Gopro

CardSD Card TypeCapacityBuy Now
SanDisk Extreme PlusSDXC Card64 GBGo to Store
LexarMicroSDXC Card64 GBGo to Store
Patriot LXSDXC Card128 GBGo to Store

Why can’t we just use any memory card with GoPro?

The biggest reason not to using another memory card with GoPro is their quality. As lower tier brands don’t match quality control like top memory card brands like Sandisk, Samsung, Lexar. There are also chances that lower tier memory cards are fake, so their recommended cards work well with their device. Sometimes, by using incompatible cards with GoPro, it gets hot, and the card gets corrupted.

Hope our suggested Best SD Card For Gopro will work for you. If you are already using any other memory card, please share your reviews in the comment section below.