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Best SD Card For 4K Video Recording

Do you love photography & videography? Love shooting 4K videos on your DSLR? You may probably need the best SD cards which help you to record 4K videos on it smoothly.

You may have seen numerous options while choosing the best SD memory cards & a lot of things to be considered about when buying the best memory card for your DSLR camera. Basically, read & write speed, storage capacity, cost, and reliability is the important factors to be considered.

We have previously discussed the best microSD cards for shooting 4K videos which you can use if your smartphone or device supports microSD cards. But when your device doesn’t have microSD card slot & you are only left with the SD card slot, it’s time to buy the fastest SD card for your DSLR that helps you in shooting 4K videos on it.

Recommended 4K Video SD Cards

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Lexar Professional 2000x

When you are buying new SD card, probably the reading speed and writing speed matters the most, as you will need good writing speed so that you can record videos smoothly, while good reading speed helps you in faster data transfer speed. This SD card by Lexar offer you 300MB/s read speed while 275MB/s write speed which we can call the fastest SD card on this list.

lexar professional 2000x 128gb sdxc uhs-ii card

This Lexar uhs ii sd card is also available in 32GB as well as 64GB model & you can check more information like reviews & rating from below link.

Sony SF-G128/T1

We all know the quality products that Sony manufacturers, but the quality is not always cheap. This might be the fastest SD card than Lexar as it offers you reading speed of 300MB/s while writing speed of this SD card is 299MB/s.

Sony uhs ii sd card

This Sony SD card can be used with a DSLR camera that supports 4K continuous shooting and burst shooting & it is available in 32GB & 64GB varient.

ProGrade Digital

ProGrade SD Card comes with V90 rating with 256GB storage capacity that offers you up to 250MB/s Write Speed & 300MB/s Read Speed.ProGrade Digital for Professional Vloggers

No matter whether if you are professional Vloggers, Photographers or YouTubers, this card should be the best option for you to record continuous 4K videos and burst mode.

SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO

This 512GB storage capacity SD card can be the best option if you don’t want to keep an extra pair SD card with you, as you can store around 21 hours of 4K video recording on it. It offers you 95MB/s read speed while writing speed of this SD card is 170MB/s.

SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card

This SD card is also an ideal choice of photographers who need sequential burst mode photography or shooting 4K UHD videos using your DSLR.

Sony Tough SD card

This is another Sony SD card with the fastest data transfer speed with 128GB storage capacity. You can get read speed up to 300MB/s while the writing speed of this SD card is 299MB/s.Sony Tough SD card

This Sony UHS-II sd card is U3 compliant and class 10 performing SD card that is capable of continuous burst mode shooting or even recommended for 4K recording due to its fast writing speed.

Transcend V90 SD Card

When we talk about 4K SD cards, how can we forget the most popular SD card brand Transcend? This SD card is V90 standards with U3 rated and UHS-II supported card.

Transcend 64GB V90 SD Card

If we talk about reading and writing speed of this Transcend V90 SD Card, you can get up to 285MB/s Read & 180MB/s write speed on this card which can be ideal for recording 4K videos on it. But the main issue is its size that is not available on bigger size.

Lexar Professional 1TB

Need the biggest SD card for 4K video recording? This might not be the memory card with the fastest reading or writing speed, but we can say that it’s the largest SD card to store your videography & photography needs.

Lexar 1 TB Largest SD card

If you are looking for the largest sd card for DSLR, this should be in your card. This 1 terabyte SD card offer you 95MB/s reading speed while 90MB/s writing speed.

Which Memory Card Is Best for 4K recording?

It’s the toughest question to answer, as choosing the best memory card for DSLR is quite confusing when you have several available options. The best SD cards for 4K recording will be the one which gives you expected performance according to your level of videography.

Shooting 4K or high-resolution videos require high performing SD cards, but you can aim for around 30MB/s write speed while the read speed can be 60-90MB/s is an ideal choice. Videos use the larger amount of data than the photographs, so the bigger the SD card, the more data you can store on your SD card. Nowadays, you can find SD cards ranging from 16GB to 512GB or even the largest SD card up to 1 terabyte.

In short, we can say the memory card with the fastest writing speed can be considered as the best for 4K video recording, however, we can’t say that slower writing speed in the list isn’t the best option. Refer below table to get a rough idea on reading and writing speed of SD cards that might help you choose the best one from the list.

SD Cards for 4K Video RecordingRead speed(MB/s)Write Speed(MB/s)
Lexar Professional 2000x300275
Sony SF-G128/T1300299
ProGrade Digital300250
SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO95170
Sony Tough300299
Transcend V90 SD Card285180
Lexar Professional 1TB9590

Things to Consider when Choosing SD Cards for 4K recording

Types of Memory Cards

There are mainly 3 types of memory cards available as follows:

  • SD Memory Card: Basic format for the SD card ranging from 2GB to 256GB
  • SDHC Memory Card: Secure Digital High Capacity that can be ideal for HD video, high-resolution images. SD cards above 4GB in storage capacity can be called as SDHC cards.
  • SDXC memory cards: Secure Digital Extended Capacity card starts from 64GB to 2TB in storage size

Storage Capacity of SD Card

This is the most important thing you can consider is the capacity of the SD card you are looking for. Basically the bigger the storage, the more videos you can store on it. You should remember that the larger the size, the more amount it will cost you. But you can get rid of changing SD cards frequently when you are out of storage. For 4K video recording, we recommend you to select SD card from 128GB & above.

Speed class rating

The speed rating is the crucial thing as it indicates the data transfer speed of the SD card. Especially when your primary need is to record 4K video recording, you may probably need fast speed SD cards so that it can read and write data faster on your SD card.

There are several speed classes for SD cards available which helps you to choose the best performing class. E.g. Speed class 2, Class 4, Class 6, Class 10 while UHS speed class, Video speed class like rating. Refer below table to get an idea on memory card speeds on the basis of class rating.

ClassMinimum Speed
Class 22MB/s
Class 44MB/s
Class 66MB/s
Class 1010MB/s

So, class 10 sd card meaning you get minimum 10MB/s data transfer speed.

UHS Rating

U3 SD card

UHS stands for Ultra High Speed which was introduced by SD association in the year of 2009. Before purchasing a new SD card for your camera, make sure your DSLR supports such speed, we can say the camera manufactured after the year 2009 should support. You may find UHS rating on the SD card displayed number inside “U” shape as shown in below image.

UHS Speed Class U1: Minimum Write Speed of 10MB/s

UHS Speed Class U3: Minimum Write Speed of 30MB/s

UHS speed class can be further classified into three categories like UHS-I, UHS-II & UHS III that offers you transfer speed from 104MB/s to 624MB/s.

The basic difference between UHS 1 vs UHS 3 is speed, with UHS 1 SD card, you will be able to achieve minimum writing speed of 10MB/s while with UHS 3 SD card, you will get more speed than UHS 1 which is 30MB/s.

V Class rating

V Class stands for Video Speed Class that is specially designed for high end resolution camera, 4k Videos or HD videos. V class rating can be found on SD card as “V” followed by number. Check below table to get an idea of V Class rating speed

The Video Speed Class is specifically designed for HD, 4K videos, and high-end resolution cameras. V class rating is displayed on the SD card as a ‘V’ followed by a number. Here are a few examples.

Video Speed ClassMinimum Writing Speed
V6 SD Cards6MB/s
V30 SD Cards30MB/s
V90 SD Cards90MB/s

Looking for device-specific SD cards? Check out the model number of DSLR along with it’s supported SD card from the list below.

Canon 80DCanon 6DCanon 5D Mark III
Canon 7DCanon RebelCanon Rebel T5
Nikon D3200Nikon CoolPixNikon D3400
Nikon D750Canon Rebel T3iNikon D3300
Sony Cyber-ShotCanon 60DNikon Coolpix B500
Canon 70DNikon D500Nikon D850
Nikon D5600Nikon D5300Nikon 3300

Wrapping Up

Selecting the best SD card for 4K video recording is not easier for everyone, so we have researched forums, threads, websites, reviews from a verified buyer about 4K sd cards for you & combined the best SD cards for 4K shooting in this list. We hope this may help you with choosing the best SD card for your needs.

Which is the best 4K SD card you have ever bought? Share your reviews in the comments section below.

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