Best Samsung Galaxy S8 MicroSD Cards

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone comes with 64GB internal storage but that’s not enough for everyone. Peoples who usually watch a lot of movies on your mobile phone or need to store more files on it will need more storage space on their Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

“So what micro SD card should I get for Galaxy S8?” We hear you ask. We have compiled a list of the recommended micro SD cards for Galaxy S8 mobile phone so that you will never run out of storage again.

Recommended Samsung Galaxy S8 memory cards

Last update was on: November 11, 2020 12:57 am

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Exact Galaxy S8 SD Card capacity

Before selecting the best memory card for your Galaxy S8 phone, you will need to know your device’s capability and how much maximum storage it will support. The Galaxy S8 can take exactly micro SD card with up to 256GB storage space. So depending on your budget and requirement, you can select your Samsung Galaxy s8 sd card size.

Samsung Galaxy s8 sd card location:

Samsung Galaxy S8 has a microSD card slot on the top of the device. You can refer the below image for your reference.

Samsung galaxy s8 sd card location

How much data you can store in 256GB?

You can store up to 32000MP3 songs, 8500 Images of 3MB each or even 30 hours of Full HD video recording on it. All you need to do is just insert your purchased microSD card into Samsung Galaxy S8 sd card slot and start using it.

You can make use of your Samsung Galaxy S8’s expandable storage & buy the fastest microSD cards for your device. You will not be able to use the expanded storage as your phone’s internal storage as Samsung won’t allow a user to use MicroSD card for adoptable storage. But it’s a great option for you to save your videos, photos & less important files on your memory card instead of storing them to the internal memory of your device.

Expand your Galaxy S8 storage using microSD cards

You may often observe that you are out running out of storage, you are deleting apps, videos, and photos from your device to clear up space on your mobile so that you can add other media files to it. Instead of that, buy a microSD card for your Galaxy S8 and never worried about getting out of storage again.


The best option for you is to have Samsung EVO Select 256GB card which is currently available at the lowest price when we compare it with other memory cards with the same storage. It’s compatible with your Samsung galaxy phone too as the memory card is also manufactured by Samsung.

Sandisk ultra is another compelling option for you that comes with 200GB as well as 256GB storage capacity.

Facing any galaxy s8 sd card issues? Share your problem in the comments section below.

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