Best Nikon D850 Memory Cards

Nikon’s D850 camera is one of the best DSLR models on the market. A premium device, the Nikon D850 needs a world-class memory card to ensure optimum performance. Nikon D850 camera comes with 2 memory card slots which we can use to expand the storage capacity of the Nikon D850 camera.

The first slot is an SD card slot where we can insert an SD card & make use of it. Good thing is, you have one more XQD card slot which you can also use. So basically Nikon D850 supports both types of memory cards including XQD cards as well as UHS-II supported SD cards on it.

Best SD & XQD Memory Cards for Nikon D850

Not every SD cards or XQD cards are created equal, so below are our picks for the best memory card solution for Nikon D850 cameras.

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Sony SF-G High Performance

Many Nikon D850 owners are purchasing this expensive camera because of its high-end capabilities in professional situations. Finding a memory card that matches the quality of the camera is important for optimum performance. Sony’s SF-G High-Performance SD cards are an ideal choice, providing pro-grade data management and storage.

Sony SF-G High Performance

Let’s be clear, this is an expensive range of memory cards, but the SF-G does deliver truly mind-blowing performance. For example, the 299MB/s write speed allows uncompromised burst photography that is perfect for the user snapping literally hundreds of images. Likewise, 300MB/s read speed allows data to be processed more efficiently once it is stored and being moved.

PNY Elite Performance

PNY’s Elite Performance memory card is a good choice to act as a bridge card that balances affordability with good speed. Certainly, it will fulfill the needs of users who want something that will handle high-resolution video recording and succession shots when taking images. For any high-performance situation not requiring a professional SD card, the PNY is a winner.

PNY Elite Performance

Users are also getting the latest generation PNY memory cards as the Elite Performance has undergone a recent upgrade. Packed with cutting edge SD card technology and write speeds up to 95MB/s, the popularity of the Elite Performance is justified.

SanDisk Extreme

Memory giant SanDisk needs no introduction thanks to its rock-solid record in creating market-leading memory cards. With the SanDisk Extreme, the company has crafted arguably the best SD card for the casual Nikon D850 user. While the SanDisk Extreme Pro provides more raw performance and the SanDisk Ultra is a budget option, it’s the SanDisk Extreme that treads a nice line between the two.

SanDisk Extreme Memory Card for Nikon D850

SanDisk has focused on consistent performance above eye-catching data speeds. For example, the Extreme has a relatively small 40MB/s write speed but consistently pushes out data processing near that upper limit. This Class 10 SD card will perform well at all times, while it also comes with the high standards of SanDisk memory so will last for years.

ProGrade Digital V60

The ProGrade name is becoming increasingly popular as customers find these memory cards are worth paying attention to. Certainly, Amazon reviews attest to the quality of the ProGrade Digital V60, an SD card that checks a lot of the right boxes.

ProGrade Digital V60

For example, it provides UHS-II, U3 speed class write speeds of up to 80MB/s, plenty for RAW, 4K, and burst shooting modes. As for read speeds, they clock up to 200MB/s making them perfect for passing files more quickly to another device. ProGrade has also ensured market-leading durability with shock-proofing, waterproofing, and other protections.

Amplim DuraData V60

Amplim is the least known memory card manufacturer on this list but is quickly making an impression thanks to a combination of data management speed, affordability, and durability. Certainly, with the V60 DuraData you are unlikely to find a card this good and this fast at a similar price.

Amplim DuraData V60

Write speed is rated at 90MB/s, so you will be able to take multiple shots in quick succession or record in high resolution with the Amplim card. As for read speeds, they go up to 285MB/s, so passing your photos and videos to a PC takes seconds to complete.

XQD vs UHS-II Memory Cards

Since Nikon D850 supports both types of cards including XQD as well as UHS-II SD cards, let us compare both of them with each other to help you make a buying decision on which one is the best.

XQD cards seem like mini CF cards and feel more rugged. XQD cards offer up to 100MB/s based on rated speed which is quite faster than UHS-II cards. So if you prefer speedy read & write an option, you should go with XQD cards.


Each of the memory cards above provides an excellent choice for the Nikon D850 depending on what level of performance you require.

If you want to go with SD cards, you can go for Sony UHS-II SDXC memory card, that offers you the fastest writing speed at 299MB/s. If you are looking for something cheaper option, Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-II SDXC card which has almost similar reading & writing speed.

If you want to go with XQD memory card, We recommend Lexar 2933x card which is currently best selling XQD card for Nikon D850.

Let us know in the comments below what you use your Nikon D850 for and what memory card you think will be best for you.

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