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Best Nikon D5300 Memory Cards

Nikon d5300 cameras a very popular mid-range DSLR’s that provide a rich photography and videography experience. However, to get the most from your camera you will need a memory card that deals with data in an efficient way. Unfortunately, Nikon d5300 cameras do not come with a memory card included so you will need to buy one yourself.

With so much choice, we thought we could help by discussing some of the best memory cards for the Nikon d5300. Check out our choices below.

Best Memory Cards for Nikon D5300

Last update was on: October 20, 2020 11:33 am

SanDisk Extreme Pro

SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards are among the most popular available because they are consistent in performance and relatively affordable. Few memory cards are as excellent in the all-round department as the Extreme Pro. Sure, this is not a card that can provide a totally professional performance, but for most users, this is all you will ever need.

There’s also the little fact that SanDisk helped to invent portable storage, so the company’s cards are always ultra-durable and built to last. Whether taking rapid burst shorts on the Nikon d5300 or recording in 4K, the SanDisk Extreme Pro has it covered.

Lexar Professional 633x

Lexar is a familiar name in the memory card market and its Professional 633x is something of a classic. The company has admittedly upgraded the 633x with a new series of memory cards. That said, the Professional 633x remains an excellent choice, and it is one that you can now buy at a very affordable price.

This is a Class 10 memory card providing a consistent level of performance for the Nikon d5300 user who wants solid image processing and high-resolution recording. Lexar also bundles in its Image Rescue Software, adding protection for data and files. This software will help you recover images and videos if they are somehow lost. If you want to buy this Nikon memory card, check out the link below.

Transcend High Speed

Transcend has a good reputation because of its well-reviewed memory cards, with frequent five-star reviews given to the company on Amazon. The High-Speed memory card has the affordability we expect from Transcend and throws in some interesting specs at the price point. For example, it provides a modest 60MB/s write speed, but the memory technology results in a guarantee the performance will never drop below 30MB/s.

Read speed is clocked up to 90MB/s, making the High Speed an interesting alternative to something like the SanDisk Extreme. Transcend also adds built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) to ensure data is protected should something go wrong during transfer, such as corruption.

Sony Tough High Performance

If you want a truly professional class memory card for your Nikon d5300, few can match the Sony Tough High Performance. It is worth noting this is a completely uncompromised memory solution, so it also comes with a very high price tag. However, what you get for your money is truly amazing. Write speeds are delivered up to 299MB/s and read speeds up to 300MB/s, so whatever you want to do the Sony Tough will do it, and quickly.

Tough in name, Tough in nature. Sony says it has leveraged first-of-its-kind technology in developing the High-Performance memory card. It has been constructed from a single piece of plastic mold that allows the card to withstand bends 18 times more powerful than a standard card could handle. So, not only is the Sony Tough a good choice for professionals, but it is also an excellent Sony SD card for those needing something extra rugged.

BOYMXU Professional 1000x

BOYMXU is still a lesser-known name in the memory card market but is gaining a good reputation through positive Amazon reviews. What stands out about the Professional 1000 x is that it provides top data performance at a fraction of the cost of direct rivals such as SanDisk and Sony. We’re talking 90MB/s write speeds on a memory card that costs less than $10. It will be a very good option if you are looking for cheap SD cards for Nikon camera.

Interestingly, BOYMXU has not compromised on reliability and durability. The 1000 x features standard proofing, such as waterproofing, shock proofing, and temperature control.


Our pick of the best memory cards for the Nikon d5300 the only scratch the surface of what’s available. However, we think the choices above provide the best selection of cost-effectiveness with performance gains. As always, drop us a comment below to tell us which of these cards you are interested in.

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