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Best Nikon D500 Memory Cards

If you have a Nikon D500, congratulations because you now own one of the best professional DSLR cameras available. A pro-level camera like the D500 deserves a memory solution that matches it, providing excellent write and read data processing for optimum performance.

What memory card does the Nikon d500 use?

The Nikon D500 DSLR camera was launched in the year of 2016 which supports two types of memory card. The Nikon D500 has two memory cards slots which are XQD card slot and another one is SD card slot that supports UHS-II. If your primary goal is to record 4K videos or sports photography using D500, you need the fastest SD card for sure. Here in this list, we will recommend you some of the best UHS-II SD cards & XQD card for Nikon d500 camera.

Our list of Nikon D500 memory cards covers some of the leading examples currently available on Amazon.

Best SD & XQD Memory Cards for Nikon D500

Last update was on: October 9, 2020 11:46 pm

ProGrade V90

Few cards can match the all-round potency of the ProGrade V90. Yes, some memory solutions offer faster data processing, but none can give the kind of performance the ProGrade does at the same price. This is a professional-grade memory card at a competitive price, making it an ideal option for the Nikon D500.

ProGrade V90

Thanks to its cutting-edge data processing capabilities, the ProGrade V90 is perfect for burst photography where you may need to take hundreds of images in quick succession. Through its up to 200MB/s write speeds, the card is also adept at handling 4K and 8K video capture. Add up to 250MB/s read speeds to the mix and you get a complete memory card package.

Sony Tough High Performance

While the ProGrade V90 is an excellent choice because it combines affordability with performance, the Sony Tough is only focused on delivering peak performance and makes no compromise on price. Yes, this is a very expensive memory card, but you get what you pay for in arguably the very best SD card on the market.

Sony Tough High Performance

Sony has added innovation to the mix with its first-of-its-kind single plastic mold that makes the Tough High-Performance card able to withstand bends 18 times more powerful than rival cards. So, this is a perfect memory card for users in rugged situations, but it is also stunning in any professional setting. That’s because the Sony Tough boasts up to 299MB/s in writing data to the card, and 300MB/s in read speed.

Lexar Professional 2000X

Lexar is one of the most famed memory card manufacturers and the Professional 2000x is a highly respected solution. Lexar’s flagship memory card is a pro-level storage device that is ideal for Nikon D500 users.

Lexar Professional 2000X

Write speed can be clocked up to 260MB/s and in our testing, we have found the Lexar Professional 2000x is good at consistently providing high writing speeds. That has been particularly useful when performing burst shooting with our camera. As for read speeds, they are offered by to 300MB/s, so passing photos and videos to a PC can be done in seconds.

SanDisk Extreme Pro

All the memory cards on our list so far have been professional level to reflect the nature of the Nikon D500. However, a good alternative for users who want strong performance, durability, and affordability is the SanDisk Extreme Pro. This is one of the most popular memory cards for a reason, providing excellent all-round capabilities.

SanDisk Extreme Pro Memory Card for Nikon D500

Data speeds are not amazing on paper, but the Extreme Pro offers guaranteed performance that is impressive. 90MB/s write speeds are good enough to handle most tasks, and it is worth remembering this memory card costs a fraction of the ones you see above. A compromised card maybe, but also a perfect one for anyone who is not using their camera for professional purposes.

Memzi Pro

Another memory card that is not a professional class but does provide the most affordable entry into high-quality memory for a Nikon D500. The Memzi Pro is a Class 10 memory card that meets Ultra High Speed 1 specification. That means the card will offer consistent image processing and offer video playback at Full HD (1080p).

Memzi Pro Memory Card for Nikon D500

Memzi has also ensured build quality is up to high standards with waterproofing, shock proofing, and dust proofing.


As one of the leading cameras on the market, the Nikon D500 deserves a memory card that brings out the best in its abilities. We have selected SD cards ranging from expensive pro-grade solutions to more affordable all-round options.

XQD memory cards offer quite good speed than SD cards, right now XQD cards are manufactured by Sony, Sandisk as well as Lexar & the Lexar 2933x XQD 2.0 is the best one for Nikon D500. If you still want to go with SD card option, you can go with Sony SD card from the list.

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