Best MicroSD Cards for Samsung Galaxy S10

Currently, the latest mobile phone from Samsung is Samsung Galaxy S10 which comes with 128GB internal storage. If you want to add more 128GB storage on your Galaxy S10 mobile phone, you can just buy 128GB memory card for under $20 & another 128GB will be added as external storage on your galaxy S10 device.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S10 micro SD card capacity?

Before you are buying a new memory card for your mobile, you should first know how much maximum storage capacity does your mobile phone support. If we talk about Galaxy S10, it has an internal storage of 128GB, while you can expand it’s storage up to 512GB using a microSD card. So the maximum external storage capacity of Galaxy S10 is up to 512GB. To make things easier for you, we have rounded up your best options of micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy S10 below.

So, you can say the largest sd card size supported by Samsung Galaxy S10 is up to 512GB.

Best Galaxy S10 Memory cards

Last update was on: December 20, 2020 1:40 am

Expand your Galaxy S10 storage using microSD cards

Samsung has another option for you to have around 1TB storage in it on Samsung Galaxy S10+ device for a hefty price tag. Usually, people who are fond of watching high-quality movies from their mobile need more storage. 512GB external storage + 128GB internal storage will be totaling 640GB storage which is a pretty nice storage boost.

If you select Galaxy S10 with 512GB variant and add another 512GB as external storage, you will be having 1TB storage on your mobile phone, which is more than the laptops or desktop computers that are currently available in the market.


The best option for you is to have 200GB Sandisk Ultra if you are in a budget and still need more storage on your Galaxy S10 device. If you don’t have any issue paying a few bucks extra, we recommend you to go for 512GB Sandisk Extreme microSD card which is the best value for money.

Best Micro SD Card
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