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Best MicroSD Cards for Dell Laptops

Want to expand the storage of your dell laptops? Make use of these recommended memory cards for your Dell laptop and never run out of storage again.

If you are using a microSD card adapter, there is a good situation for using microSD cards nowadays. Nowadays the camera has started supporting microSD cards & you can get up to 1TB storage in just tiny little sized card. If you want to transfer data between laptop and memory card or want to expand the storage of your laptops without using any external products, here are the microSD cards you can consider for your Dell laptops.

Best microSD Cards for Dell Laptops

Here is some recommendation for the best sd card for laptop storage expansion.

Last update was on: November 7, 2020 7:35 am

Sandisk Ultra

400gb micro sd card by Sandisk Ultra seems a great option, while it has a 512GB size too, but it looks bit pricey. This card has 100MB/s transfer read speed and ideal for android tablets, smartphones, and laptops that support using microSD cards as storage.

Sandisk Ultra

The data transfer speed isn’t a lightning-fast, but a great option to store your media files, photos and videos on a space storage device. Want to buy this memory card for laptop? check out the link below to see reviews, rating and current price for this.

Samsung Evo+

Samsung evo+ 256gb card comes with an adapter so that you can use this microSD card with all devices that support full-size SD cards. It comes with Reading speed up to 100MB/s with UHS-1 interface while it has writing speed up to 90MB/s with UHS-1 interface.

Samsung Evo+256GB

Looking for the laptop memory card that doesn’t break your bank? Look at this micro sd card for a laptop which is under $100 for you. Recording 4K videos using this card is also a perfect option & it apparently waterproof.

PNY Elite-X Micro SD

This memory card has up to 100MB/s read speed that is ideal for use with an action camera, drones, dash camera, camcorders, laptops and computers, and many more devices.

PNY Elite-X Micro SD256GB

It is not only a fast microSD card but also a great storage option. Storage capacity less than 128GB isn’t as fast as compared to this. If you are expecting the best performance, we recommend you to choose higher capacity cards. Want to buy this best micro sd card for laptop? Check out the link below.

Looking for more laptop sd cards? Do let us know your laptop’s model number and we will recommend you the best memory card for your laptop.

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