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Best MicroSD Cards for 4K UHD 60 FPS Video Recording

Who likes to record low-quality videos when they can record 4K videos with their DSLRs or mobile phones? But you will need the best microSD cards that support 4K video recordings too.

When looking at Reddit forum, we have found that people are recommending more than 64GB card for recording 4K videos. The main reason for choosing bigger microSD cards are that 4K videos consume a lot of space than Full HD & HD quality. Also, it must have a good writing speed along with reading speed. Reading speed helps transferring data from the MicroSD card to other devices while writing speed helps in writing data on it using your camera, mobile phone etc. So when recording 4K videos, you must have an SD card with good writing speed.

When you are using a microSD card in action camera or GoPro like camera, speed matters. Here in this article, we will talk about the speed & performance of some of the most popular fast microSD cards.

Microsd Card 4K Video Recording

Fastest microSD Cards for 4K Video Recording

Check out some of the recommended cards which are the fastest microSD cards in terms of speed test of writing speed. We have tested it’s writing speed which refers to recording 4K, 8K or even more high bitrate videos along with fast photo burst modes.

MicroSD CardsStorage CapacityWhere to Buy
SanDisk Extreme Pro V30256 GBGo to Store
Lexar Professional 1800x U3128 GBGo to Store
SanDisk Extreme PLUS U364 GBGo to Store
Samsung EVO U364 GBGo to Store

What are Speed Classes, V rating, U Rating in Memory Cards

Just like in SD Cards, there is speed class rating given to microSD cards. Speed class in microSD cards refer to it’s writing data category, video recording use etc & the same thing is applicable to microSDXC or microSDHC cards too.

In simple word, we can say that speed rating does not reflect the speed of any microSD cards. If we talk about U3 vs V30 rating, it doesn’t meed that V30 rating memory card is faster than U3 rating. Because it is the display rating on the card which is necessary for the manufacturer to certified their cards for.

Check below information for more details.

U3 shows it is capable of 4K video recording at a sustained video capture rate of 30MB/s.

U1 shows it is capable of recording HD videos at 720p & 1080p & real-time broadcast at a minimum writing speed of 10MB/sec.

Class 10 shows it has a minimum sustained writing speed of 10MB/sec for recording 1080p video. Class 2, Class 4 & Class 6 supports standard definition video recording at a minimum writing speed of 2MB/sec. Class 4 & 6 supports recording 7220p & 1080p video at 4MB/sec & 6 MB/sec writing speed respectively. Nowadays most of the upgraded camera requires a faster memory card than Class 4 & Class 6. There are so many memory cards available to choose from which supports good and high-quality videos with your device.

V30 shows that the specified card is able to provide you a minimum writing speed of 30MB/sec. These cards can be used for full HD video recording. Sometimes you can be able to record 4K videos with these cards but at lower bitrates and fps (Frames per second)

V60 shows that the specified memory card has a minimum sequential writing speed of 60MB/second. Mostly these memory cards are intended to record 4K videos with 30 fps & 60fps and bitrates.

V90 shows that the specified memory card supports the minimum sequential writing speed of 90MB/sec. Usually, this kind of memory cards is intended to capture 4K videos at 60fps & even capable of shoot 8k videos. These kind of cards are very rate but in future, people will need a higher version of cards & there is room to grow.

Faster Memory Cards for 4K UHD 60 FPS Video Recording

Memory CardsSpeed ClassUHSSeq Read SpeedSeq Write SpeedWhere to Buy
Lexar Professional 1800x microSDXCU3UHS-II270 MB/s100 MB/sGo to Store
SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC CardV30UHS-I93.8 MB/s88.3 MB/sGo to Store
SanDisk Extreme Pro (SDSQXCY)V30UHS-I94.3 MB/s88.3 MB/sGo to Store
SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDHC (SDSQXCG)V30UHS-I93.9 MB/s88.3 MB/sGo to Store
Samsung MicroSD EVO Memory Card EVO (MB-MP)U3UHS-I91.5 MB/s87.2 MB/sGo to Store
Samsung Pro Select (MB-MF)U3UHS-I91.7 MB/s85.0 MB/sGo to Store
Samsung pro Endurance ProGrade DigitalV60UHS-II92.6 MB/s74.1 MB/sGo to Store
Delkin microSDXC Memory Card (DMSD190064GV) U3UHS-II205.0 MB/s73.8 MB/sGo to Store
PNY Elite (SDU256U3100EX-GE)U3UHS-I91.7 MB/s67.8 MB/sGo to Store

We hope it clears your idea on faster memory cards with good reading & writing speed. This above chart has hopefully explained to you & you can even compare it with each other’s writing speed.

If you have any suggestions or recommendation, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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