Want to buy Samsung galaxy s4 memory card? Please read this article before you buy new micro sd card for galaxy s4 smartphone. You might be spending more, but our memory card price comparison will help you to save money on your shopping.

samsung galaxy s4 memory card

If you are Samsung Galaxy S4 user, you might be looking for extending your storage of your device. For 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 device, you can add additional 64GB storage capacity by using microSD with your device. So total storage capacity of your device can be 80GB. Of out which, you will be able to use 73.15 GB space.

This much additional storage, however, can not be used to download and store apps. As Google has removed that capability with Android 4.0 version of Android. However, you can still store your downloaded music, movies, books and other useful files on your device.

Check out few best 64GB micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone from below.

CompanyData Transfer SpeedUHS TypeSpeed ClassStore
Lexar270MB/sUHS-IIClass 10Go to Store
Editors Choice
Sandisk95MB/sUHS-I/U3Class 10Go to Store
PNY90MB/sUHS-1Class 10Go to Store
Transcend95MB/sUHS-I/U3Class 10Go to Store
Silicon Power90MB/sUHS-1(U3)Class 10Go to Store

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Image credit: Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 Micro SD Card is Useless Published by Josh Smith