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Best LG V20 MicroSD Cards

We all know that LG V20 mobile phone can support microSD cards up to 2TB using microSD card slot. LG V20 comes with 64GB built-in storage which is not actually enough for so many. But thanks to the external microSD card slot on LG V20 that lets you expand storage up to 2 terabytes using an external microSD card.

Maximum capacity microSD card in the market till date is 1TB by Sandisk but beware of the fake websites claiming that they are selling you 2 TB microSD cards. It’s nowhere and you might end up with spending money on fake microSD cards. Well, 1TB microSD card is an official thing and you can go for it without any hesitation, as it was manufactured by genuine memory card brand Sandisk.

Best MicroSD Cards for LG V20

We have researched several websites and forums to find out the best microSD cards for LG V20 mobile phone which you can find from this post below. We hope this recommendation will save a lot of your time.

Last update was on: December 17, 2020 3:34 pm

If you are looking for the fastest microSD card with bigger storage, you can go for Sandisk 1tb MicroSD card. If you don’t have much budget to spend, Sandisk Ultra can be a good option.

Best Micro SD Card
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