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Best Galaxy S9 SD Cards

Samsung has launched Galaxy S9 smartphone with 64GB, 128GB as well as 256GB internal storage. You can choose the smartphone variant based on the storage preference you need, but what if you still realize that you need more space after that?

With the help of Samsung Galaxy S9 microSD card slot, you can upgrade your storage anytime you wish. There are hundreds of microSD cards available to choose from, but it’s a bit hard to select the compatible memory card for Samsung S9. You can expand your mobile storage up to 400GB maximum using Galaxy s9 sd card slot, as galaxy s9 sd card capacity is up to 400GB, according to Samsung.

Best MicroSD cards for Samsung Galaxy S9

Last update was on: December 8, 2020 11:02 am

So from the above list, we have listed almost all possible Samsung s9 sd card size, we hope you like them.

What is the biggest sd card for galaxy s9?

The biggest SD card for Galaxy S9 is up to 400GB, as it supports a maximum capacity of 400GB using an external microSD cards.

According to Samsung, you can use SD cards as removable storage instead of using it as an adaptable storage system. It means that microSD card remains separate and internal storage remain separate. You can manually select and move files between internal storage and SD cards based on your preference.

How to move photos & videos to SD card by default?

You can easily set your photos and videos to be saved directly on SD card by default on Galaxy S9. E.g. The pictures you take using the camera app of your mobile phone should be directly saved to the SD card instead of saving it on the internal memory.

You can change the camera setting to save photos and videos directly on SD card or internal memory based on your preference. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Open “Camera” > “Settings
  • Select “Storage Location
  • Tap to change

If you select “SD card”, your all-new captured photos and videos will be stored on your memory card you have inserted. If you want to store them on your internal memory of your phone, just select “Internal memory” from the option.

How to encrypt SD card on Galaxy S9

It’s better to secure your SD card as it’s formatted as removable storage, so the data on the memory card is accessible to anyone. The best way to secure your data on the memory card, you can encrypt your SD card. When you encrypt your memory card on your Galaxy S9, means the data will only be readable by your Galaxy S9 phone that encrypted it.

Follow the steps to encrypt your SD card on Galaxy S9:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Lock Screen & Security” > “Encrypt SD card

This process takes a couple of minutes based on the size of data stored on your microSD card.

Note: Before you encrypt data on your Samsung S9 phone, you should note that the only device can read the data from your memory card. So if you break your device beyond repair, you can not copy or read data from any other devices. So remember this thing before encrypting your microSD card on Galaxy S9.

Best Micro SD Card
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