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Best Canon 7D Memory Cards


In terms of DSLR cameras, the Canon 7D is among the best. This camera provides professional-level shots and high-resolution video, but you will need to have the fastest memory cards to make the most of that performance. Canon does not supply a memory card with the Canon 7D, so you will have to buy one yourself.

It is worth noting the Canon 7D supports compact flash memory cards, and below are our best choices to get the most from your camera.

Best Memory Cards for Canon 7D Camera

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SanDisk Extreme

Available Size: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

SanDisk is the leading name in the memory card market, and its Extreme is an amazing memory solution in all its forms. For the compact flash version, the Extreme is arguably the best all-round card for the Canon 7D. It offers all the qualities we expect from SanDisk memory, including good performance, affordability, and durability.

sandisk extreme 64GB

Slotting the SanDisk Extreme compact flash into your Canon will provide leading shot-to-shot capture performance. Read speed is handed out up to 120MB/s, while write speeds are up to 85MB/s. Thanks to a VPG-20 rating, the Extreme can handle sustained data recording at 20MB/s, making it an ideal solution for professional-grade video captures, such as streaming.


Lexar Professional 1066x

Available Size: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

Lexar is a well-respected manufacturer of memory cards, a company that builds rock-solid products for both professionals and beginners. With its Professional 1066x compact flash card, Lexar has developed a high-performing card that uses UDMA 7 grading to provide read data speeds up to 160MB/s.

lexer card

With that read speed, you can transfer files to a computer more quickly and accelerate workflow. This elite performance allows for high-quality images in high resolutions and fast shutter shooting from its 155MB/s max write speed. The Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) speed is 65MB/s, ideal for streaming high-fidelity video.


Transcend Compact Flash

Available Size: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

Perhaps what stands out most about Transcend’s Compact Flash card is its affordability. Of course, just being cheap is not enough, so it’s good that this memory card backs up its value with consistent performance. As an all-round memory solution for the Canon 7D, the Transcend Compact Flash is a good choice and a bargain.

transcend card

As a consumer-level card, the Transcend is modestly spec’d, but it more than enough for most users of the 7D. For example, it packs VGP support to allow a consistent level of high output video quality. Elsewhere, this memory card has a write speed up to 60MB/s and impressive read speeds up to 120MB/s for processing RAW images.


PixelFlash Cfast 2.0 Hyper Core

Available Size: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB

Canon’s 7D is a pro-level camera, so some users will be using it to deliver thousands of images in quick succession and recording video in the highest quality. For such tasks, an elite-level compact flash card like the PixelFlash Cfast 2.0 Hyper Core is needed. Simply put, this is a blazingly fast memory card that is perfect for professionals, although it is also hugely expensive.

pixel flash card

The numbers offered by the PixelFlash Cfast 2.0 are staggering. Write speed is up to a huge 520MB/s, making it perfect for performing burst photo sessions where thousands of images are processed.

Similarly, read speed of 520MB/s means you can transfer your data off the car rapidly to continue working. For video enthusiasts, the PixelFlash boasts Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) of 90MB/s, perfect for data streaming in 4K.


SanDisk Ultra

SanDisk’s Extreme listed above is an excellent choice if you want high-level performance. However, if you want to balance consistent data management with excellent affordability, the SanDisk Ultra is a great choice. It’s a perfect memory solution for day-to-day casual users because it offers decent performance, provides value for money, and gives that SanDisk seal of quality.

sandisk ultra 16GB

While its read and write speeds are not impressive compared to some more expensive options, the Ultra provides a consistent base of guaranteed performance. Certainly, this is one of the better memory cards at its price point.


Each of the compact flash cards above provides something different for Canon 7D owners. From the most expensive pro-grade cards to affordable all-rounders, there is something for everyone. Let me know in the comments below which memory card you use in your Canon 7D.

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