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2TB SD Card For Phone is Real or Fake?

Currently, the biggest microSD card or if we talk about an SD card for camera is 1TB which are officially available. When researching the largest micro sd card available, we have found some advertisement related to 2 terabyte memory card from Amazon but when we clicked on ads, it redirected us to the memory card listing page, but we didn’t found original 2Tb memory card from their listing.

2TB SD card for phone

So which is the biggest micro sd card in the market now?

The answer is 1TB by Sandisk, which you can buy from here.

Another question might be there, which is the biggest SD card in the market now?

The answer to this question is also 1TB by Lexar which you can buy from here.

Even if your phone or camera support memory card up to 2TB, you can’t use them until any 2TB large capacity sd card available for public.

If you find some websites claiming they are selling 2 TB memory cards, we recommend don’t go for it. As you might end up buying fake memory cards & loss your money. Most of the memory card brands are planning to manufacture the bigger and bigger capacity memory card but right now, 1 terabyte is the biggest option available in 2019. Stay tuned with us and we will keep you posted on the memory card news on our blog


Check out below links to directly buy that largest memory card from Amazon.

SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSD UHS-I Card with Adapter - 160MB/s with SanDisk MobileMate USB 3.0 microSD Card Reader

Last update was on: November 8, 2020 3:46 am
in stock

Lexar Professional 633x 1TB SDXC UHS-I/U3 Card

1 used from $249.99
Free shipping
Last update was on: November 8, 2020 3:46 am
in stock
$279.97 $399.99

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